APSET Books 2023: List of Best Books for Paper 1 & Paper 2

APSET Books 2023: List of Best Books for Paper 1 & Paper 2

ByAshwani Tyagi  |  Updated on: Jan 6, 2023
Use the books and study resources listed below to ace the upcoming APSET 2023 exam. These are some of the best APSET books that each candidate should own in order to perform well on the exam.

The APSET Books 2023 should be used by candidates who plan to take the APSET exam as part of their exam preparation. These books provide candidates with the essential tools for a successful preparation process. With the help of APSET preparation books, candidates can more easily comprehend the  questions that will be asked on the exam.

The best strategy to study faster is to study APSET Books that can help you with your difficulties. For each subject, we've provided a list of the best books for APSET exam preparation. The candidate's study strategy will profit from this, and they can do better on the examination. To strengthen your knowledge of key concepts and practice various questions, look through the list of APSET Books for Papers 1 and 2 below.

APSET Books 2023

A collection of the APSET Books is the most essential study tool for candidates taking the APSET Exam. Reading books is the most popular and efficient exam preparation method. In order to help candidates study for the exam, we have put together a selection of the best and most widely recommended APSET Books 2023. Numerous toppers believe multiple revisions from the best books are essential for success.

Preparing for the APSET exam is easier when you have the best and most suitable study resources. The best APSET books are listed below for candidates to use while they get ready for Papers 1 and 2. Because there are so many books available, choosing the correct preparation material is essential. Candidates need to look for books that are accurate and comprehensive. A list of Best APSET Books 2023 for Paper 1 and Paper 2 is provided below.

Best APSET Books for Paper 1

Candidates can check the table below for a list of the best APSET Books for Paper 1. These books will make it simple for candidates to comprehend fundamental and complex ideas. 50 multiple choice questions worth 2 marks each makeup Paper 1. Candidates often find themselves in a pool of many books and learning materials on the market and on the Internet which can confuse them and cost them their results. To avoid that chaos, candidates can check the APSET Books for Paper 1 below. 

APSET BooksAuthor/Publication
NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET- Teaching and Research AptitudeK V S Madaan
NTA UGC NET General Paper 1 BookArihant Publication
UGC NET/SET General Paper 1Truman's Publication
High School English Grammar and Composition KeyWren & Martin
Objective General English SP Bakshi
Quantitative AptitudeRS Aggarwal
General Knowledge Lucent or Arihant
Foundations of EducationA. Chaube and S. P. Chaube
Current AffairsManorama Year Book/Newspaper

Best APSET Books for Paper 2

Candidate's studying for Paper 2 should include APSET Books in their preparation. There are 100 compulsory objective-type questions for two marks each are included in Paper 2 of the APSET exam. The subjects the candidate chose are the subject for the questions in this paper. In the table below, candidates can check APSET Books 2023 for Paper 2.

SubjectAPSET BooksAuthor/Publication
AnthropologyAn Introduction to Social AnthropologyD.N.Majumdar & T. N. Madan
Trueman’s UGC NET AnthropologyA.M. Tripathi
HistoryIndia since IndependenceBipan Chandra
Trueman's UGC NET History Promod Singh
Chemical ScienceCSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical Sciences Dr Hemant Kulshrestha, Dr Ajay Taneja
CommerceAccounting Standards D. S. Rawat
Indian Financial System M. Y. Khan
Computer Science and ApplicationTrueman’s UGC NET/SET Computer Science and Applications Sanjay Singhal, Sameer Mishra
EconomicsUGC NET/JRF/SET Economics (Paper-II)Gopal Garg,Upkar Prakashan
Economic Growth and DevelopmentMayer and Baldwin
EducationMeasurement & Evaluation in Education Rinky Agarwal
Modern Indian Education: History, Development And ProblemsJ. C. Aggarwal
EnglishUGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) English LiteratureArihant Experts
Introduction to English LiteratureW. H Hudson
Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary ScienceCSIR UGC NET Earth ScienceR. Gupta
Environmental ScienceTrueman's UGC NET Environmental ScienceAnil Tyagi and Virendra Singh
GeographyHuman Geography Majid Hussain
HindiHindi Bhasha Ki Parampara Aur Vikas Dr Ramprakash
Hindi Sahitya Ka Sankshipt Itihas Dr. Vishwanath Tripathi
Journalism and Mass CommunicationsTrueman’s UGC NET Mass Communication & Journalism Sameer K. Mishra
UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism Nitesh Kumar Singh and Atul Udaipuria
LawTrueman’s UGC NET Law Suman Chauhan
Life ScienceUpkar CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Life SciencesPushkar Kumar, A.P. Singh
Library and Information ScienceTrueman’s UGC NET Library and Information Science S. Thakur 
ManagementTrueman’s UGC-NET Management M. Shivani
UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) ManagementMohit Aggarwal
Mathematical SciencesCSIR-U.G.C. NET/JRF/SET Mathematical SciencesUpkar Publication
ArchaeologyUGC NET/JRF Archaeology and Philosophy Paper (Hindi)Mohan Lal 
Physical ScienceCSIR UGC NET/JRF/SET Physical Sciences. Anshul Gupta 
Physical EducationTrueman’s UGC NET Physical Education Akhilesh Tripathi, A.K. Srivastava 
PhilosophyTrueman CBSE/ UGC CSIR NET Philosophy BooksSahitya Bhawan Publication
Political ScienceAn Introduction To Constitution D. D. Basu
UGC Net Political ScienceRukmini Bhattacharjee (Arihant)
PsychologyIntroduction to Psychology (Morgan & King) Dr Swati Maharshi 
Public AdministrationTrueman’s UGC-NET Management M. Shivani
SanskritSanskrit Sahitya ka Itihaas Umashankar Sharma “Rishi”
Sanskrit Kavi DarshanBhola Shankar Vyas
SociologySociology Themes and Perspectives Michael Haralambos & Martin Holborn
Social Problems In India Ram Ahuja
Social WorkTrueman’s UGC NET Education  Yogendra Pal
TeleguUGC NET & SET (Telugu Literature)Pothula Venkateshwar Reddy
UrduMokqadwa; Tarikh-e-Zuban-e-UrduProf. Maswood Husain Khan

APSET Books for Preparation

It's important to choose the best book for APSET Preparation. One will waste time if one picks the wrong book. This will help you succeed on the exam.

  • The book must contain the whole syllabus for that topic, and the APSET Exam Pattern must be followed. Always pick books that include example exam questions and answers. It's important to complete as many questions as you can before the examination.
  • Before buying any books or APSET study materials, make sure to check the year of release and edition. The most recent editions of the book will have up-to-date data, pictures, and other important information.
  • Browse the book indexes and pick the one that is both highly recommended by the professor or teacher and addresses all the relevant subjects.
  • Choose APSET Books that have been endorsed by well-known authors or publishing houses that are more trustworthy and useful. In those books, there will be more information and discussion on every important topic.

Importance of APSET Books

Candidates must continually work up until the exam day to achieve their goal. And using the best APSET Books is the only effective way to do it.

  • If you read from books instead of the APSET Syllabus, you won't need to laboriously take notes or look online for study materials.
  • Additionally, it provides applicants with a thorough understanding of the whole syllabus through theoretically solid and comprehensive treatment.
  • Additionally, it trains your memory, outlines the foundations, and provides explanations. In order to pass the examination, candidates must read the APSET Books listed above.


  • Choosing the best APSET book is essential for exam preparation. The books for each subject of the APSET Exam can be found here for applicants who are studying for the exam. Candidates can learn a lot about a subject by reading books and making notes without utilizing the internet or other distractions.

  • The best APSET Books for Paper 1 are General Knowledge (Lucent), Current Affairs Monthly Compilation (Vision IAS), Objective General English (SP Bakshi), Quantitative Aptitude (RS Aggarwal), etc. 

  • Trueman's UGC NET/SET, Sajit Kumar M.Gagan, UGC NET/JRF/SET Teaching and Research Aptitude, Pratiyogita Darpan are the best for APSET Books for Teaching and Research Aptitude section.

  • APSET Books will save you time because they include all the essential material from the APSET Syllabus. Additionally, they includes practice questions that can assist you to improve your preparation and evaluate how well you have done thus far.

  • The best APSET Books that candidates can refer is India Since Independence by Bipan Chandra, and Trueman's UGC NET History by Promod Singh.

  • Candidates must maintain a list of trustworthy resources for research. Instead of scouring numerous websites, exam professionals advise using APSET Books to make sure students can get all of their study materials in one place. Make detailed chapter-by-chapter notes that point out key concepts, guiding ideas, or formulas that will be more closely examined.