How to Prepare for CAT at Home: Expert’s Tips, Suggestions & Guidance

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

How to Prepare for CAT at Home? The candidates who are thinking to do CAT preparation at Home must follow a strategic are result-oriented study plan. Theoretical knowledge and practice are a good combination to prepare for CAT 2023 at Home. Another important point to be noted in this regard is that the candidates must be aware of the latest exam pattern and syllabus if they are thinking to Prepare for CAT at Home.

How to Prepare for CAT at Home is a common question that everyone wants to know to score a better rank to join the IIMs and other top B-schools in India. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have articulated some important and easy tips on How to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home. The aspiring candidates may follow this if they are thinking to do CAT Preparation at Home.

How to Prepare for CAT at Home?

It is seen always that every candidate has a common question in their mind if they can Prepare for CAT at Home or not. However, the answer is yes, and they can easily Prepare for CAT at Home without taking any help from offline coaching. The only thing is that they have to stay focused and dedicated in their CAT Preparation.

Before moving on to the strategy of How to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home, first get acquainted with the CAT Exam Pattern. It is known to all that Common Admission Test CAT is CBT based test conducted annually by one of the IIMs to shortlist the candidates for MBA admission in Top MBA Colleges in India. It is a 2 hours test and has a sectional time limit of 40 minutes each. The questions are asked from three exam sections, including

  • VARC
  • DILR
  • QA

Candidates who want to know the answer to How to Prepare for CAT at Home must follow the table below to get the sectional weightage of these top MBA Entrance Exam of India.

Exam sections

CAT Total Questions



Maximum Marks

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)





Quantitative Aptitude (QA)










There are several ways to do CAT Preparation 2023 at Home, including self-study, peer group discussion, attending online mock tests and enrolling to the CAT Online Coaching classes. The aspiring candidates who intend to Prepare for CAT Home should start their preparation at early as possible. As per BYJU’S Exam Prep expert’s opinion, the candidates who want to do CAT Preparation at Home must begin their preparation in such a way so that they can get enough time to revise the chapters well.

Is it Possible to prepare for CAT at Home?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to prepare for CAT at Home. CAT preparation only needs dedication towards the study, proper time management, time-to-time revision and attending mock tests, at least twice a week. According to experts, individuals who plan to take the CAT 2023 at home must begin preparing early. They must also devote their attention to a lot of chapters and finish them, as well as allot enough time to practise question papers and mock exams and review them. A good CAT score is helpful since it increases your chances of being accepted into one of the top management schools, but how you get there is just as important. To acquire a thorough understanding of CAT preparation at home, read the tips, as mentioned below.

Expert tips on How to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home

Here, we have listed some expert tips that you can follow if you are planning to prepare for CAT 2023 at home.

Well Understand the Exam

The first approach to Prepare for CAT at Home should be knowing the CAT Syllabus and pattern. Candidates should first pen down all the topics of different sections of CAT. Then, they should solve at least the last 5 years’ CAT Previous Year Papers to understand the exam structure, question types, standards and difficulty level.

Once the candidates are crystal clear about the pattern and the weightage of each topic in different sections, then, they can easily plan their approach to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home. Make a timetable that carries equal importance to all the subjects. If a candidate is weak in a particular subject, then he/she must spend extra time on that subject.

Clarity of the Concepts

Once you are precise about the topics of different sections, then make a schedule to Prepare for CAT at Home. Make sure that you provide equal weightage to all the subjects. The candidates are strictly advised to stick to a particular topic for at least half a month.

For instance, if you take a topic like Profit and Loss for CAT in the Quant section, then try to finish the chapters within one month so that you can get enough time for revision. If you are done with the concepts then solve questions related to it. This would create your base strong and feel confident about the topic in future aspects. If you follow to such an extent, then your basics related to each section would be clear.

Join Online CAT Classroom

Candidates can also join CAT Online Courses through diverse apps to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home. If you join an online classroom, your time will be spared. You can explore different apps and the best teachers in it, and then get a subscription for it. Online study is much better than offline. Your time gets wasted in offline coaching by travelling so much along with the weariness you have after coaching. So, it’s better to Prepare for CAT at home via online classes.

Attempt Mock Tests

The paramount to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home is to attempt multiple CAT Test series. By doing this, you would get an idea of your level of preparation. Try to attempt at least two mock tests in a week to get an idea of the difficulty level of questions in CAT. Once you get used to 2 mock tests, then increase the count to 5 mocks. Your speed and accuracy of solving a paper would increase. Analyze your mistakes in each mock test and avoid in future mocks. In such a manner, your CAT Preparation 2023 at Home would ameliorate day by day.

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Join Small Study Group

Try to have a small study group of the same page companions to Prepare for CAT at Home. You can exchange your ideas with each other and enhance your knowledge. Try to study difficult topics together so that everyone can share their ideas on that topic and can have clarity. Clear your doubts with one another and expand your knowledge through others. Try to solve the same mock paper at a time and experience your CAT Preparation 2023 at Home with others. You would nurture a healthy competitive environment and be able to study efficiently.

Best Use of The Internet

If the candidates have decided to Prepare for CAT Home, then they can make the best use of the internet. There are a plethora of sites where you can surf and get your study material. Also, you can attempt mock tests online without any charge. You can access different apps for preparing for CAT.

There are a variety of online courses available on different platforms that you can join while doing CAT Preparation at Home. Also, you can join the test series at your convenience. Join different forums where you can be updated with the latest notifications for CAT. There is an excess of stuff available on the internet. So, utilize it to the fullest.

Be Confident and Self-Motivated

It is extremely important to be self-motivated to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home. Though It’s a tough drive to always be motivated, however, the aspirants at least should try as it is a key to success. Whatever the negative vibes you listen to, just have it in one ear and out the other. If this is your attitude, then no one can stop you from climbing the success ladder. Whichever situation you’re in, be confident enough to handle it to make the best CAT Preparation at Home. For instance, during the examination time, the aspirants feel so nervous that they become diffident and out of that they make silly mistakes. So, the aspirants should be confident while attempting the exam.

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