How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT?

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : May 12th, 2022

Logical Reasoning for CAT is part of the DILR section, consisting of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning questions, which require conceptual clarity, regular practice of questions, and a well-planned preparation strategy. The aspirants, who are thinking to appear for the upcoming exam, must be well-prepared for the LR section as it is high scoring. 

The aspirants may know that the question levels for logical reasoning for CAT are entirely different. It is either scoring if you prepared well or could reduce your score if you do not have basic conceptual clarity. So, the aspirants must follow a routine-wise study and solve previous year’s questions to grasp this section perfectly. Here, our experts have given a detailed preparation plan on How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT to assist aspirants in their preparation.

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What is Logical Reasoning in CAT?

As per experts, the ability to identify and assume the patterns given data is known as logical reasoning. The CAT logical reasoning section includes mainly the problem-solving ability of the aspirants. It combines both logical thinking and analytical skills, which are used to solve any problem.

It is one of the scoring sections if prepared well. So, be aware of the CAT logical reasoning books and syllabus before starting preparation. 

Logical Reasoning for CAT Preparation

Aspirants need to practice repeatedly to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT and aim for the highest accuracy. Practice makes you perfect and helps you to build a good grip on the concepts of LR for CAT. So, be focused on your study and attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep Online Mock Tests.

Aspirants need to work on accuracy because this is the highest-scoring section. Our exam experts have highlighted quick tricks and tips on how to improve logical reasoning for CAT. 

  • Understand the types of questions asked in the logical reasoning CAT section such as Logical Reasoning based on Arrangements, Logical Reasoning based on Rankings, Team Formations, Quantitative Reasoning, and Puzzle test.

Do Practise a Lot

Practicing is very important to get a good grip on the logical reasoning section. If the aspirants do regular practice, they can easily memorize the concepts they have studied at the time of CAT Preparation. It will automatically increase your self-confidence, and you can solve the questions accurately.

Make a Study Plan

A scheduled study plan is very important to prepare any chapter in a well-planned way. The aspirants must make a study plan to complete logical reasoning for CAT. A daily investment of 3-4 hours is enough to prepare this part effectively.

Try to avoid all the distractions, like social media, mobile surfing, and movies on TV. Be dedicated to your study. But be sure you are taking at least 15 minutes breaks in every 2 hours of study to reduce monotony in your study schedule.


Utilize your free time by revising the tricks, formulas, and tips to solve logical reasoning for CAT. Remember one thing; if you skip revision, you will automatically forget what you have studied as CAT Syllabus is huge.

So, the aspirants must revise their notes and do chapter-wise revisions in their free time to gain more confidence to crack LR for CAT accurately.

Make Notes

The aspirants must maintain a diary to note all the tricks to solve logical reasoning for CAT questions. It is very useful to do time-to-time revisions. If you make notes for every concept you have studied, it will boost your memory. Writing practice is very helpful to prepare anything quickly.

How to Crack Logical Reasoning Questions in CAT?

Note the below Do’s to increase accuracy and to improve your solving skills for the logical reasoning section. Learn how to improve logical reasoning for CAT Exam 2022

  • Solve sample problems and past year CAT questions to improve conceptual clarity. It is crucial to practice all levels of questions so that you are able to attempt them easily on exam day.
  • Note down your mistakes, and be sure that you are not repeating those. Also, analyze why are you making those mistakes. 
  • Develop your thought process by solving puzzles and SuDoKus
  • Try and use tables and diagrams to better understand the question. This will help you simplify the data mentioned in the question.
  • Questions from logical reasoning for CAT usually require less calculation. If you are struggling with lengthy calculations in a reasoning question, there is a good possibility you are headed to an incorrect answer.

It is always suggested to solve the easy problems first to avoid panicking situations on the exam date.

How to Solve CAT Logical Reasoning Questions?

The Logical Reasoning section of the CAT exam assesses your ability to analyze data and come to a conclusion or provide a correct response. The best way to solve these questions is to pay attention to details while reading the questions. Here are a few ways to follow to avoid mistakes in logical reasoning questions. Learn the best way to solve Seating Arrangement CAT Questions

  • Read and understand the question carefully. Most of the time, reading and analyzing why each option is correct or incorrect solves the question.
  • Never make assumptions or use the knowledge that the question does not provide. This is not a test to see how much you know about a certain topic in general.
  • Use the elimination technique while solving the questions. 
  • Be careful about negative prefix words such as non-, un-, dis-. Also, pay attention to words like some, only, if, and only if, etc. 
  • When reading the factual information provided by each question, pay close attention to terms like "all," "some," or "none." Other qualifiers like "other than," "only," and "unless" are also necessary. These terms can help you accurately define the facts that will be used in your argument.

 Important Topics in Logical Reasoning

By analyzing the previous year’s questions from the LR section, it is seen that Logical Reasoning for CAT includes the below-mentioned topics:

  • Binary logic
  • Arrangements
  • Order
  • Ranking
  • Games and Tournaments
  • Formation of Team
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Logical Matching
  • Puzzles
  • Logical Sequence

The CAT Syllabus mentioned above is not too tough to solve. The aspirants must be well-versed with the tips on how to prepare for logical reasoning for the CAT exam. High accuracy is required to solve this section correctly. 

CAT Logical Reasoning Books

The aspirants preparing for the upcoming exam must not be confused to choose the right Book for Logical Reasoning for CAT. Here, our experts have listed some best books, which may be beneficial for the aspirants for CAT Exam. 

Books Name


CAT Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Gautam Puri

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning 

RS Agarwal

How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT

Arun Sharma

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

Nishit K. Sinha

Analytical and Logical Reasoning for CAT

Peeyush Bhardwaj

Data Interpretation for CAT

Arun Sharma

Be sure that you are well-equipped with these books to prepare LR for CAT effectively and in a planned way. Apart from this, the aspirants can also seek guidance from BYJU’S Exam Prep experts with online classes for CAT 2022. Remember that logical reasoning preparation for the CAT exam needs proper time management and conceptual clarity, which is only done by regular practice.

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FAQ about How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT

  • Preparation for this section is a little challenging as there are no fixed formulas for Logical Reasoning for CAT. To prepare this section effectively, try to complete the topics covered in this segment from a reliable book or resource. Additionally, solve sample questions to understand the types and difficulty of the questions.

  • There is a wide range of books to prepare for LR for CAT available both online and offline. Check the below list for the books to be followed to prepare this section:

    • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT- Arun Sharma
    • Logical Reasoning for the CA - Nishit K. Sinha
    • Analytical and Logical Reasoning for CAT- Peeyush Bhardwaj
  • CAT is one of the trickiest exams, so the aspirants need to prepare this section with fun. It will build your interest in Logical Reasoning for CAT. The aspirants can follow the below tips to improve LR for CAT:

    • Work on your mental calculation skills
    • Play Puzzles and SuDoKus
    • Solve different kinds of LR questions in one sitting. 
    • Use diagrams and tables to better understand the question. 

  • As per expert analysis, the questions for Logical Reasoning for CAT are tricky rather than tough. It checks the analytical thinking ability of an aspirant. So, conceptual understanding is very important to solve these questions quickly and accurately.

  • CAT exam has a trend of negative marking in every section. Considering these, LR for CAT also has a negative marking scheme. For every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

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