How to Score 99 Percentile in CAT 2022: Important Tips & Strategies

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Learn How to Score 99 Percentile in CAT with the help of the best strategy and tips compiled by exam experts and toppers. Candidates who wish to get admission to the top IIMs of the country aspire to score 99 percentile in CAT. One of the most important steps to improve your chances of getting the 99 percentile in the CAT is to plan and strategize the preparation in a result-oriented manner.

The CAT is considered as one of the most difficult and competitive MBA exams in India. The essential advice to all CAT aspirants is that do not to overhype the CAT. This exam is not so stressful until you are thinking a lot about this exam unnecessarily. Just do your preparation with high intensity. Our experts have highlighted some important tips on How to Score 99 Percentile in CAT in this article.

How many Questions to attempt to Score 99 percentile in CAT?

The number of questions to be answered to score the 99 percentile in the CAT can be dynamic. This depends on the difficulty level of the exam and the CAT Cut Off for that particular year. For instance, as per the analysis, to score 99 percentile in CAT 2020, 131 marks were to be scored. To score 130+ marks in CAT 2020, candidates must have 34 correct answers.

As there are CAT Negative Marking in MCQ questions, applicants must not attempt questions unless sure. Practice mock tests frequently to limit the negative marking so you are able to answer more questions correctly. This will improve your chances of scoring 99 percentile in the CAT.

How many Marks need to Get to Score 99 Percentile in CAT?

It is very important to understand that scores secured in the CAT Exam depend on various parameters such as the CAT Exam pattern, level of difficulty, normalization process, etc. CAT score is the total marks received by a candidate in the exam. On the contrary, the CAT Percentile is a relative score calculated based on the number of appeared candidates in the exam.

The candidates, who are serious about getting a good CAT score, must not ignore any of the sections of this exam. Try to become experts as per your accuracy level to avoid negative markings as much as possible.

Go through the table below to understand the concept of CAT Score vs Percentile.

CAT Percentile




Marks in

CAT 2020*




Marks in

CAT 2019




Marks in

CAT 2018




Marks in

CAT 2017




Marks in

CAT 2016




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How to Score 99 Percentile in CAT?

As per the CAT Exam Analysis, getting 99 percentile in CAT or more is not easy, and it requires a good preparation strategy, hard work, and determination. The main thing is that the candidates must balance their speed and accuracy to perform well in this exam. This article has given some important tips on How to Score 99 Percentiles in CAT.

Make a Preparation Plan

Making a study plan is the first and foremost step to score 99 percentile in CAT easily. You have to plan for everything so that you can utilize every hour suitably in your preparation without wasting time. So draft a CAT Preparation strategy for every section as per your strengths and weakness.

If you make a study plan, you can strategically handle all the topics covered in the CAT Syllabus if you make a study plan from the first day of your preparation. Do not be distracted by social media; give yourself some free minutes for mental relaxation.

Work Hard on Your Accuracy

The candidates must work hard from the beginning, but be sure that you are studying with all your heart. Specifically, work hard on topics that seem difficult to you. Understand your mistakes and try to learn from them.

Additionally, the candidates must work on their accuracy. You may know that to score 99 Percentile in CAT, you have to give accurate answers instead of guessing unknown answers. Keep practising all the topics you have learned.

Evaluate Your Performance

Try to evaluate your performance on your own. If the candidates analyze their performance, they will understand the areas that need improvement. Attempt CAT Online Series and practice the topics in an exam-like environment. This will assist you in comprehending which sections you are good at and which sections need more practice.

Make a plan for the questions which you want to attempt first. This will help you to avoid negative markings. Do not be overconfident about your strengths, and do not ignore your weakness. Try to convert your weakness into your strengths to score 99 percentile in CAT.

Do not Pressurize Yourself

One thing that helps you to score 99 percentile in CAT is how you deal with the pressure. The candidates have to stay calm and not lose hope until the exam date. There are many questions in CAT, which will confuse you, and you cannot solve those questions in one chance. In that case, leave that question and go ahead to the next question. If you panic and stick to that question, it will be impossible to solve CAT Question Paper within the stipulated time.

Balance Between Speed and Time

The candidates must be aware of the sectional time limit in CAT. You will get 40 minutes for each section. So, the candidates have to save time by increasing their solving speed with 100% accuracy.

Do not waste time on a particular question. If you are unsure, it is better to skip that question. The candidates must be sure that they are not making any silly mistakes while quickly giving the answers, as this will reduce the chances to score 99 percentile in CAT. Be careful and alert for every question.

Do Not Memorize

The CAT Exam does not test your memory. It evaluates candidates’ performance based on their thinking and analyzing power. Try to understand the concepts at the time of preparation, which will help you to score 99 Percentile in CAT.

Work smartly on the exam date. Do not take too much time to understand the questions clearly. Try to solve the easier questions first. It will help to save time so that you can check the unattempted questions per section later.

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Keep yourself motivated all the time. Never be complacent by thinking about How to Score 99 Percentile in CAT. Learn about the competition and prepare yourself accordingly.

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