How to Calculate CAT Percentile 2022: Score, CAT Percentile Calculator

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

How to Calculate CAT Percentile? The candidates who are appearing in the upcoming exam should have a clear idea of the CAT Percentile and its calculation process. How to Calculate CAT Percentile 2022 is the most common question that every candidate wants to know. Note that you must not be confused between CAT Percentile and CAT Score, as both of these are two different things.

It is also seen that many candidates also look for CAT Score and CAT Percentile Calculator to get a rough idea of their score and percentile for the exam they have appeared. Note one thing; CAT Percentile is only required for the IIM Admission process. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have mentioned all the details related to CAT Percentile 2022, score normalization, and the calculation process of it.

What is Percentile in CAT?

As per analysis, CAT Percentile is a measure used to indicate the value below which a certain percentage of scorers in a group fall. For example, the 99th percentile is the score below which 99% of the scorers shall be found. CAT Percentile 2022 matters a lot in screening candidates for the 1st round of IIM admission, which includes WAT and PI.

In short, CAT Percentile is a step of obtaining a relative score by categorizing the candidates based on their performance compared to other candidates. You may know that the CAT Result is announced in the form of the score and the CAT Percentile 2022. However, most of the B-schools considered the CAT Overall Percentile for final admissions.

CAT Percentile Calculator 2022: Example

Let us take a hypothetical example and illustrate how the CAT 2022 authority calculates CAT Percentile 2022. Suppose CAT 2022 Percentile will be of a candidate:

[ 1 – (2417 / 229486) ]*100 = 98.946 percentile

  • The CAT Percentile is calculated up to 3-decimal places and then rounded off to 2-decimal places. Thus, in the illustration above, it becomes the 98.95 percentile.
  • This implies that 98.95% of candidates have scored less than you

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CAT Percentile: Score Normalization Process

CAT score calculation is a straightforward method. The steps are given as follows:

  • All the correct responses are counted and multiplied by 3
  • All the incorrect responses (for MCQs only) are counted and multiplied by 1
  • From the total of what a candidate has obtained, his/her total number of incorrect responses is deducted (as a result of negative marking)
  • What we get as a result is the final raw CAT score obtained by a candidate appearing in a particular slot of the exam

In CAT Normalization Process, scores obtained by the candidates are normalized for each section, overall and slot-wise, so that all the candidates are judged on a common scoring and given rank on that basis.

How to Calculate CAT Percentile 2022?

Below are the steps and formulae used to calculate the CAT 2022 Percentile in the exam after the scores of appearing candidates have been normalized.

  • Step 1 – Determining the number of candidates appearing for the CAT 2021 examination. Let this be denoted by ‘N’.
  • Step 2 – Assigning rank based on the normalized scores so obtained by all appearing candidates. Let this be denoted by ‘R’.
  • Step 3 – Using the formula to determine the percentile of the appearing candidates: P=(1-R/N)*100


P = CAT Percentile of the candidate

R = Rank assigned to the candidate after normalizing CAT scores

N = Total number of candidates appearing for the CAT 2022

  • Step 4 – Rounding off the CAT Percentile (P) so obtained by the candidate to 2 decimal places

Difference Between CAT Percentile and Score

CAT score is simply calculated by summing up any candidate’s correct and incorrect responses. However, the CAT Percentile calculation is done after the normalization of scores obtained by any candidate who has appeared for the CAT Exam 2022.

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