How to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months: Tips and Strategies

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Candidates preparing for CAT often wonder How To Prepare for CAT in 2 Months. If the aspirants follow a strategic preparation plan, hard work, determination, and dedication, it is quite possible to crack CAT in 2 months with a good score and percentile. However, your first step should be conceptual clarity for all the topics asked in the CAT syllabus. The aspirants have to practice a lot of questions every day to improve their speed and accuracy and to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months.

The candidates need to be focused on their studies to crack CAT in 2 months. It will be easier for them if they follow a timetable to prepare all the sections without any mental stress. This will help them to give better performance and also help them analyze their mistakes. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have curated a detailed study plan on How to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months to assist the aspirants to ace this exam very easily.

CAT Preparation in 2 Months: Week Wise Preparation Tips

When the aspirants want to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months, they must ensure that they are through with the basics. With just 60 days remaining, avoid starting any new topics you are uncomfortable with. Attend BYJU’S Exam Prep Online Classes for CAT to clear your doubts.

Check the below table to know How to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months (8 weeks) before the CAT Exam. You can also create your own CAT Preparation Daily Schedule as per your routine in the last 2 months.

Prepare for CAT in 2 Months – Week Wise Strategy


Week 1

Review the complete CAT Exam Pattern and syllabus.

Note the important chapters to be covered with the highest weightage.

Before you begin your preparation, make a list of your weak and strong topics.

Gather all of the necessary study materials from authentic sources and choose the right CAT Books for all sections.

Week 2

This week, focus on building your fundamentals and strengthening your foundation.

Focus on the basic concepts of Verbal Ability and QA.

Give 3-4 hours every day for each section to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months.

Make sure that you are reading the newspaper daily.

Make notes for English Grammar and Vocabulary.

Week 3

Work on the CAT RC Passage.

Do solve scrabble and crossword puzzles in your free time to analyze your sense of English vocabulary.

Do answer 4-5 RC Passages daily to improve your speed and accuracy.

Week 4

Try to solve 2 sets of data interpretation and 2 sets of logical reasoning within 2 hours and analyze your progress and mistakes.

Focus on the important concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry.

Solve 18-20 questions in QA with proper time management to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months.

Make notes of tricks, shortcuts, and formulas, and revise it in your free time for the first calculation.

Week 5

Continue to assess your performance to improve in the next few days.

Start solving sample papers and CAT Previous Year Questions.

Week 6

Give as many mock tests as you can, at least 4-5 mock tests daily, to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months.

Do not start any new chapter.

Revise everything you have covered for the upcoming CAT.

Week 7

Evaluate your preparedness and make any required changes to your study schedule to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months.

Analyze your mistakes to improve your accuracy.

Avoid distractions such as social media, cell phones, and other electronic devices during CAT Preparation.

Week 8

Remain focused only on revising and attempting the CAT Test Series.

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How to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months: Experts Tips and Strategy

The last 2 months are very important for the aspirants appearing for the upcoming CAT. This is the period that will try to give you stress, but you have to manage everything without taking any stress and tension.

The candidates must use their time wisely and concentrate on their preparation to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months. They can follow the tips and strategies below to Crack CAT in 2 months. If prepared properly, aspirants can Crack CAT Exam on First Attempt.

Daily Habits

These 2 months are crucial; hence, the aspirants must work on the things that will help them Prepare for CAT in 2 Months. Play word games or scrabble to CAT Vocabulary, which is required for the CAT. Additionally, read the newspaper daily to increase your word stock. It also helps you to prepare for the RC passages.

Stop using the calculator and do calculations mentally. Mental calculation is highly required as it helps to solve maths quickly, easily, and accurately. It is true that you will get on-screen calculators, but it is recommended not to use that calculator, as it will hamper your solving speed.

Read Books to Improve Verbal

The aspirants must focus on their reading habits to improve their comprehension and critical thinking skills. If you read various types of books, it will help you to adapt the flow of the reading comprehension section. So, reading will help you to improve your knowledge, speed, accuracy, and efficiency to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months. Learn How to Prepare Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT to ensure that you score maximum marks in the section with minimum errors.

Stay Motivated Always

Work on your weak areas more than the topics you can solve quickly. The key to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months. It is to stay motivated always and never be down if you make any mistakes. Instead, work on your mistakes and weakness and try to prepare them with different approaches. Never avoid your mistakes, as mistakes are the best teacher for preparing and learning.

Attempt Mock Tests

The aspirants must attempt mock tests to check their preparation level. Mock tests give an exam-like environment so that you can learn time management for solving the questions. Additionally, the aspirants understand their weak areas and start preparation accordingly. You must attempt the previous year’s CAT question paper daily to Prepare for CAT in 2 months.

When you want to crack CAT in 2 months, make sure that you are utilizing your precious time properly. CAT is one of the trickiest exams, so a strategic preparation plan is highly recommended.

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