The Tolerance of the Silver Band on Resistor is

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The tolerance of the silver band on the resistor is ________
A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 1%
D. 2%
Select the correct answer from the above-given options and support your answer with a brief explanation after the selection of your answer.

Answer: A. 10%

The tolerance of the silver band on the resistor is 10%.



Resistance opposes the flow of charge, and the resistance value indicates how much resistance will be offered by that resistor. 

Generally, the resistance, tolerance and wattage rating value is printed on the resistor’s body to identify a resistor. And the wattage rating is mainly dependent on the size of the resistor; large wattage rating resistors come in large sizes compared to small wattage rating resistors. As the large wattage rating resistors are large, all the specifications mentioned above are printed on its body. But for smaller rating resistors, as their body size is small, it is not possible to print the specifications mentioned above.

So, to identify the resistance value, we use colour coding, in which we will print the colour band on the resistor body.

Each colour band has certain values and specifications, like the value of resistance and its tolerance.

And 5- band and 4-band resistors, the last colour from left to right indicates the tolerance value of the resistor.

Tolerance is the error percentage between the calculated resistance value from colour bands and the measured value of resistance.

And the tolerance of the silver band is 10%, and the gold band tolerance is 5%, and when there is no fourth band in four band resistor (or) fifth band in 5 band resistor is missing means, the tolerance is 20%.

The tolerance of the silver band on the resistor is 10%.

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