In Delta Connection Which of the Following is Correct

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Which of the following is correct about a delta-connected balanced 3-phase circuit?
A. The phase current is greater than the line current
B. The phase voltage is less than the line voltage
C. The phase voltage is equal to the line voltage
D. It is a four-wire system

Answer: C. The phase voltage is equal to the line voltage

In delta connected three-phase circuit, phase voltage is equal to line voltage.



In delta connected circuit, there will be three coils; the three coils starting ends are connected to the finishing ends of three coils, like starting end of the first coil is connected to the finishing end of the second coil, and the second coil’s starting end is connected finishing end of the third coil. And three wires are taken out from three junctions of coils; these coils form a closed path, as shown in the figure.

So, in the above-given three-phase delta-connected circuit,

VRY, VYB, and VBR are line voltages,

VR, VY, and VB  are phase voltage across individual phases

In the above circuit, one phase coil is connected between two terminals, like the R phase, which is connected between terminals 1 and 2. So, the voltage applied across terminals 1 and 2 (VRY) will be the voltage across the R phase (VR),

Then we can conclude that VRY=VR, VYB=VY & VBR=VB

Hence, delta-connected three-phase circuit phase voltage is equal to line voltage.

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