In a Balanced Three-Phase Load, Each Phase has

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In a balanced three-phase load, each phase has-

  1. An equal amount of power
  2. One-third of total power
  3. Two-thirds of total power
  4. A power consumption equal to √3VLIL.

Answer: A and B. An equal amount of power and One-third of total power.

In a balanced three-phase load, each phase has an equal amount of power and that is equal to one-third of total power.


Total power in a three-phase circuit =3VphIphcos =3VIcos

Source is always balanced; therefore, each phase voltage is equal in magnitude, and phase angle displacement is 120°.


For a balanced load three-phase load each phase has =ZA=ZB=ZC=Z

Each phase current is 


Each phase power is = VphIphcos ∅ = VIcos ∅ =1/3×Total power 

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