Electrostatics Study Notes Part 3 for Electrical Engineering

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In this article, you will find the Study Notes on Electrostatics Part 3 which will cover the information such as Dielectric Constant and various relations and energy stored in a capacitor

Dielectric Constant

The relative permittivity of a material is known as its static relative permittivity or as its dielectric constant.


where, εr = Relative permittivity

ε0= Permittivity in vacuum

ε = Absolute permittivity

* Relaxation time or rearrangement time

It can be defined as 


* Poisson’s equation Dielectric

* Laplace’s equation 2 = 0 in a charge-free (ρv = 0) region

Capacitance can be defined as


The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor:


Where S cross-sectional area and d is a distance in between two plates.

Energy Stored in a Capacitor

Energy stored in a capacitor is given by


where, C, V & Q are the capacitance, potential and charge on a plate respectively.

For a coaxial capacitor


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