Explain the Significance of Congress Session Held at Lahore in 1929

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

In pre-freedom India, the Indian National Congress (INC) party, founded in 1885, became one of the most influential and notable ideological organizations. The Indian National Congress held its very first meeting in 1885, and the 1929 Congress session took place in Lahore. This meeting was particularly significant since the major party Indian National Congress, adopted Poorna Swaraj's demand for unrestricted freedom during the Lahore summit. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru participated in this by raising the Indian tricolor banner on the bank of the Ravi stream.

Significance of Congress Session in 1929

Pandit Nehru served as the show's director when the Congress performance began in Lahore in December 1929. "There's simply a single target in front of us, which is a full opportunity," he said during this discussion. On December 19, 1929, Purna Swaraj's revelation spread throughout the INC. People at this meeting agreed that Congress and Indian patriots should fight for Purna Swaraj or that they should run their government independently.

The Congress endorsed a movement for total independence, and on December 31, 1929, at noon, in front of enormous crowds, the Congress President raised the banner of "Complete Freedom." On this day, the tricolor was unexpectedly spread forth by the patriots. Congress subsequently designated the 26th of January 1930 as Purna Swaraj Day. Across the nation, people celebrate this day as Autonomy Day with enthusiasm and vigor. Since then, the government has hailed it as Republic Day.

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  • Under Jawaharlal Nehru's presidency, the Lahore Congress formally demanded "Purna Swaraj," or complete independence for India, in December 1929. People were to swear a vow to fight for total freedom on January 26, 1930, which was designated as Independence Day.

  • The Indian National Congress took up the resolution of Poorna Swaraj, or total independence, at its session in Lahore in 1929. Additionally, it was determined that the Congress would commemorate January 26 as India's first independence day and boycott the Round Table Conference in London.

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