Explain about Modern Means of Communication

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

A verbal and non-verbal system of message transmission and reception is needed for communication. Messages are sent, they are received, and they are then returned to the sender with feedback. The communication methods include written and graphical representations and oral and written communication. It involves the cultural realm, a communication instrument, a geographic location, and other factors. Here we will discuss modern means of communication in this post.

Modern Means of Communication

Communication has changed over time as technology has. Smoke signals were among the earliest forms of communication, which later gave way to using morse code for military objectives. Wired communication became a reality with the development of the telephone. The world depends on electronic communication nowadays. These are modern means of communication. The following are the modern communication methods:

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Social media
  • Email

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  • Voice calling is one of the most personalized methods of modern communication. Both online and offline voice calls are possible.

  • Messages can be transmitted or received in a matter of seconds because of modern communication methods' speedier and more dependable nature. Longer transmission times allow for the transmission of more information. Information sharing is simpler with contemporary technology.

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