ISRO EC Study Plan

ISRO EC Study Plan

ByHimanshu Verma  |  Updated on: Mar 18, 2021
Preparing for ISRO Electronics Communication (EC) Exam 2021? Get to know about the ISRO EC notification, exam date, pattern, syllabus, exam papers, & free mock test for ISRO EC online preparation.

How to prepare for ISRO Electronics Engineering 2021 Exam?

Qualifying ISRO EC 2021 Exam is not a task that you can achieve in one day. To get an appointment letter as an ISRO Scientist Engineer in Electronics Engineering, you need to follow a dedicated study pattern. The first and foremost thing is to know the ISRO EC Syllabus in detail. After having knowledge of the ISRO EC Syllabus, you need to formulate a study plan for it. We have prepared some study plan that will help you to prepare for the exam. 

Study tips for ISRO EC

  • Go through the syllabus

You need to go through the entire syllabus thoroughly so that there is no topic which you are unaware of. Cover the syllabus in a smart way such that there is complete conceptual clarity and understanding in a stipulated time.

  • Design  a study plan

Design an effective study plan that not only ensures time management but also covers the syllabus precisely and accurately. The study plan should be dissecting the entire syllabus in such a way that each section gets an adequate amount of time and practice.

  • Effective Reinforcement of the Syllabus

Take ISRO EC mock tests from time to time so that you can effectively assess your performance and evaluate your level of preparation for the exam. This will help to bring out all the areas of improvement and make you more competent about your performance.

  • Skip the unwanted topics

Skip the unwanted topics and filter out all the necessary topics. This will save a lot of time and effort. You can channelise your hard work in covering only the necessary topics.

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ISRO EC Study Plan FAQs

  • You can effectively revise the ISRO EC syllabus by incorporating ISRO EC mock test series and practising sample papers from time to time.

  • Candidates should follow a strict study plan which ensures time management and also brings utmost conceptual understanding and clarity, 

  • If you are aiming to ace the ISRO EC exam then you need to study at least 8-10 hours a day daily 


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