Design of Slab

By Amritansh Mishra|Updated : December 2nd, 2021

Through Champion Study Plan for GATE Civil Engineering (CE) 2022, we are providing Design of Slab study notes and other important materials on every topic of each subject.

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The article contains fundamental notes on the "Design of Slab"  topic of the "Design of Concrete Structures" subject. 


Design of Slab

One way slab

(i)  image027


where, ly = length of longer span

lx = length of shorter span

(ii) Slab is supported only on two edges.

Design of One way slab


Two way slab

(i)  image025

ly = length of longer span

lx = length of shorter span

(ii) Slab is supported on all edges.

Design of two way slab

  1. Grasoff Ranking method
    It is used for corners not held down position.
    It is purely simply supported case.


(i) image029

(ii) Moment in x-direction image030

Moment in y-direction image031

(iii) Shear force


At shorter edge (VX)


At longer edge (Vy)


  1. Design of slab with corner held down position

(a) Pigeauds method: image035

where, the values of image036 are read from table

(b) I.S. code method


The values of image038 read from table (page 91, IS : 456-2000)



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