Define Conservatism in History

By Shivank Goel|Updated : January 2nd, 2023

Conservatism in history is an ideology of preserving and promoting traditional customs and practices in the cultural, social, and political spheres. It believes in preserving traditional values ​​and institutions such as social hierarchy, family, property, and church. Those who believe in the philosophy of conservatism are called 'conservatives'.

Conservatism in History

Conservatives firmly believed that the government was only a service provider, not the master of life and that politicians should not interfere with the social structure of society.

  • They believe that society is a composition of closely related interdependent individuals rather than a collection of individuals.
  • Conservatism is a philosophy that advocates for the preservation of traditional institutions.
  • It believed in the power of the state and prohibited any movement or activity that questioned the government's functioning.
  • Most conservatives around the world have always opposed the concept of modernism, preferring traditional value systems and beliefs.
  • Conservatives advocated for gradual 'evolutionary' change rather than using aggressive methods to effect revolutionary change.
  • Conservatism is a social, cultural, and political ideology that advocates for the preservation of traditional customs, institutions, and beliefs.

Core Principles of Conservatism

The following are the primary principles of conservatism:

  • Free Markets
  • Individual Freedom
  • Limited Government
  • Peace Through Strength
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Hence, conservatism is a philosophy that strongly opposes modernism and Western culture and values in India. And although the principles of conservatism can change from region to region due to different cultural practices, the traditional values remain the same.

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FAQs on Conservatism in History

  • Conservatism has been one of the major political strains and intellectual thought in Western culture over the last 200 years. Conservatism is a political philosophy that stresses the importance of tradition.

  • Conservatism is a philosophy that believes in respecting and preserving traditional institutions and customs. Conservatism did not advocate revolutionary methods but only evolutionary change.

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