Which was the Important Seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Important Seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom was Motupalli. The famous traveler Marco Polo also visited this port and wrote about the wealth of the Kakatiya kingdom in his travel journal. The historic port of Motupalli, located in Chinnaganjam Mandal of the Prakasam district, is presently planning an integrated development.

Important Seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom

Motupalli had been an international port during the early and medieval periods, according to Dr. E. Sivanagi Reddy, an archaeologist, and CEO of the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati.

At the Veerabhadra Swamy temple, inscriptions from the reigns of Kakatiya Ganapathi Deva, Anapotha Reddy of the Kondaveedu dynasty, and Deva Raya II of the Vijayanagara dynasty all mention the benefits given to seaborne traders.

Prola-II (1110 -1158 A.D.)

  • Hanumakonda served as the capital of the Kakatiya king’s dominion over the area between Krishna and the Godavari, which he had taken from the Chalukyas.

Prataparudra-I (1158 – 1196 A.D.)

  • He was Prola II’s son, who relocated the capital to Warangal.

Ganapathi (1199-1261 A.D.)

  • He was this dynasty’s subsequent notable king.
  • He expelled the Cholas from lands up to Kanchi and attacked Western Andhra and Kalinga.

Rudrambha (1261 -1291 A.D.)

  • She was Ganapati’s daughter.
  • She gave her grandson Prataparudhra-II the kingdom in exchange for her abdication.

Prataparudhra-II (1291-1326 A.D.)

  • During his reign, Malik Kafur invaded Warangal in 1309 AD.
  • Malik Kafur received an enormous fortune from Prataprudra II in return.


  • He is the dynasty’s current nominal king.
  • Muhammad Shah, I pronounced a death sentence against him.

Contributions of kakatiyas

  • The Kakatiyas supported the arts, architecture, and literature.
  • They left a lasting contribution by constructing the Hanumakonda temple’s thousand-pillar structure.


Which was the important seaport in the Kakatiya kingdom?

The Kakatiya kingdom’s main seaport was Motupalli. The well-known traveler Marco Polo also made a stop at this harbor and noted details about the wealth of the Kakatiya Kingdom in his travel journal.

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