Engineering Hydrology Notes for GATE & Civil Engineering Exams

By : Sachin Singh

Engineering Hydrology is a part of Water Resources Engineering. Nearly 5-6 questions are usually asked from this section. This subject includes topics such as Ground water and Well Hydraulics, Infiltration and Runoff, Reservoir and Channel Routing, Surface Run-Off Models and Watersheds, Precipitation, Evaporation and Evapo-transpiration, Hydrographs, Flood estimation, and routing. If you take a little effort to prepare, marks can be scored easily in this subject.

To help you in your preparations, we have arranged all the study notes, best books, important formulas, and study material in the table given below for the upcoming GATE , BARC, ISRO and other CE exams.

Engineering HydrologyImportant Formulas for Engineering Hydrology
Best Books to prepare for Engineering Hydrology

Engineering Hydrology Notes for Civil Engineering

Groundwater and Well Hydraulics
Precipitation, Evaporation and Evapotranspiration
Reservoir and Channel Routing
Flood estimation and routing

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