UGAT BBA Preparation Tips 2022 - Complete Preparation Tips and Strategy

UGAT BBA Preparation Tips 2022 - Complete Preparation Tips and Strategy

ByManesh Singh  |  Updated on: Sep 12, 2021UGAT 2022 Exam, Check all details for UGAT 2022 Exam like Exam Date, Registration Process, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, and other details here.
UGAT 2022 Exam, Check all details for UGAT 2022 Exam like Exam Date, Registration Process, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, and other details here.
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UGAT BBA 2022 Preparation Tips & Strategy

If you are preparing for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 Exam from scratch, then the first and important step is to get a complete understanding of the UGAT BBA Syllabus. This will help in understanding which subjects and topics need more time for preparation so that you can plan accordingly. Besides this, you must check the exam pattern of AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 to understand the exam structure as well as the marking scheme. The syllabus, pattern of the exam, and essential topics related to the exam should be analyzed very carefully.

To Crack AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 exam in the first attempt is not a difficult task. It is important to formulate and execute a fool-proof preparation plan and implement those strategies during the exam to ensure that you clear the exam on the very first attempt. The UGAT stands for Undergraduate Aptitude Test. It is conducted by the All-India Management Association (AIMA) every year across the country. It is a national-level entrance examination that provides admissions to UG courses such as BBA, BCA, BHM, B. Com, Integrated MBA (IMBA) at various colleges across India.

AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 Best Books

Check teh subject-wise booklist for the UGAT BBA 2022 exam. The UGAT BBA books are suggested by the expert faculty.


Name of Book/Authors

English Language

  • Objective General English (R S Aggarwal), Class 10th English Grammar and Competition ( PC Wren and H Martin)
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • Newspapers (The Hindu, Indian Express)

Numerical and Data Analysis

  • Quantitative Aptitude (R S Aggarwal),
  • Magical Book on Quicker Maths ( M Tyra)

Reasoning and General Intelligence

  • Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning (R S Aggarwal),
  • Analytical Reasoning (M K Pandey),
  • Verbal Reasoning (R S Aggarwal)

General Knowledge

  • General Knowledge (Lucent),
  • Pratiyogita Darpan (Magazine),
  • Yearbook (Manorama)

Preparation Tips for the General Knowledge for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022

It is one of the easiest sections of the AIMA UGAT BBA 2022.

  • This section consists of about 30 questions.
  • All you need to cover is Current Affairs & Static news of the last 7-8 months.
  • To score maximum marks (25+)in this section, make a habit of reading & revising the news on a regular basis.
  • Divide the topics and plan to cover all the important news.

This section divides into two parts which are mentioned below –

 (i) Current Affairs – National + International News, Sports News, Awards, Summits & Conferences, Schemes, Agreement & Deals, etc.

 (ii) Static GK – Parks, Dam, Thermal Power Plants, Mountains, Temples, Stadiums, Airports, etc.

How you can cover GK –

  • Read daily newspapers, blogs to cover important news and events.
  • Make a notebook to note down important news of the day.
  • Make a habit to revise and learn the news of the day. This exercise will make you master this section.

AIMA UGAT BBA Reasoning & General Intelligence Preparation Tips

This section consists of about 30 questions. This section consists of questions from topics which are mentioned below

  • Analogies
  • Classification
  • Coding and decoding,
  • Odd one out,
  • Basic arithmetic and logical concept questions
  • Blood Relation
  • Order and Ranking
  • Puzzles
  • Mathematical operator
  • Syllogism
  • Distance & Direction
  • Ranking,
  • Series - Alphanumeric Series

Preparation Tips for the Reasoning section for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022

  • It is one of the easiest sections of the UGAT BBA exam.
  • If you have good command over the reasoning section topics you can easily score 25+ marks in this section.
  • All you need to do is to practice regularly solving questions from various topics.

Preparation Tips for the Numerical and Data Analysis for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022

Tips to prepare Simplification/Approximation – Usually, questions from these topics are easy but sometimes they are calculative. To score full marks under this segment you need to practice questions based on the BODMAS rule.

  • Start with the basics - Get a clear idea of the basic concepts of all the topics and practice them regularly.
  • Work on your calculation speed - For faster calculation skills, it is essential to be proficient with very basic mathematical knowledge. (Must learn and revise shortcut tricks to find squares, cubes, square root, cube root, multiplication.)
  • Tables up to 25
  • Squares up to 30
  • Cubes up to 25

Tips to Prepare Number Series – Questions from this topic can be asked in two formats – Missing number series or Wrong number series.

  • All you have to identify the pattern of the series.
  • Missing number series are easy to solve but Wrong number series questions are typically a bit difficult.
  • To command this topic, you have to practice questions on a regular basis to learn the patterns. This will help you to identify the pattern of the series in a quick way and you can easily solve such questions in the exam within 30 seconds.
  • Please note that these questions are usually based on basic arithmetic operations or their combination.

Arithmetic questions

  • If you want to score good marks under this segment, you have to first clear your concept to solve these questions. This can only be possible by regular practicing questions from different topics.
  • Always make sure that you attempt the questions based on their application and also try to use shortcuts and formulas for faster calculation.

Data Interpretation

  • Under this segment questions asked in the form of Charts, Graphs, tables such as– Bar Graphs, Table Charts, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Mixed D.I. (combination of two Graphs or charts), etc.
  • Thorough practice and basic knowledge of the Arithmetic topics can help you score good marks in this segment.
  • Keep practicing at least 7-8 DI questions with varying levels on a regular basis.

 Important Note:

  • In your free time, try to go for calculations mentally and see how fast you’re able to calculate.
  • Go through the AIMA UGAT BBA previous year papers and you will get a clear idea from which topic maximum questions are asked. Create a plan and prepare accordingly.
  • Your calculation speed will play a crucial role in deciding your score in the numerical ability section. So, try to improve your calculation speed.
  • This section requires constant practice.
  • Practice is the key to master in this section

AIMA UGAT BBA Numerical and Data Analysis 2022 Preparation Tips

This section consists of about 30 questions. You must constantly practice solving questions to improve speed and accuracy. The level of this section is usually moderate to difficult level.

Please try to practice different topics, which are mentioned below –

Arithmetic includes topics such as

  • Average
  • HCF & LCM
  • Linear Equation
  • Boats & Streams
  • Problem on Ages
  • Partnership
  • Percentages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Time & Work
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • SI & CI
  • Number Series
  • Simplification / Approximation
  • Data Analysis topics include
  • Data Interpretation such as – Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Table Chart, Line Graph, Mixed Graph, Caselet
  • Data Sufficiency

Preparation Tips for the English Language section for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022

This section consists of about 40 questions. Many of you are comfortable with GK, Reasoning, and Numerical Aptitude section but always face difficulty in attempting questions in the English section. If you are weak or average in this section, then make a habit of practicing English Questions on a regular basis. Make a schedule to cover all the important topics. Questions from this section can be asked from mentioned below topics:

  • Vocabulary (Synonym & Antonym)
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • One Word Substitution
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Para-Jumbles
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Spotting Error
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Sentence Correction

Make a daily schedule to practice all the different topics of this section.

  • Try to read articles and editorials from English newspapers regularly and note down important vocabulary of the day. This exercise will help you to improve your vocabulary as well as your reading habit.
  • You can follow The Hindu, The Indian Express, and other good English Newspapers as per your comfort.

Reading Comprehension- Reading newspapers regularly will help you to understand long passages. If you follow this continuously for 2 to 3 months you will be able to solve Reading Comprehension questions without any hassle.

Prepare a notebook for Idioms Phrases and One Word Substitution – The questions from these topics are regularly asked in the UGAT BBA examination. To command over both the topics, you should note down idioms and phrases you come across while reading the English newspaper and learn the same.

Cloze test, Para-jumble, Fill in the blanks & Spotting Error, Sentence Improvement– These sections require regular practice. Try to attempt 5 sets or 10 to 15 questions of each topic on a daily basis. After practicing, analyze your score & mistakes which you have made during the practice. This task will give you an idea of how to deal with these topics in exams.

AIMA UGAT BBA Exam Preparation Strategy 2022

The AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 exam preparation strategy involves focusing on the four sections mentioned below:

  1. English Language
  2. Numerical & Data Analysis
  3. Reasoning & General Intelligence
  4. General Knowledge

Your preparation strategy should be divided into four sections which consist of different topics. To make a better approach for each section, prepare a plan that includes the topics from each of the sections, and accordingly, deal with the syllabus. This will help you in allocating the time for each topic.

 If one puts effort with dedication and wholeheartedly, one can master all the concepts within 6 months. Here are the preparation strategies that include important tips, study material, plan-wise study, and other aspects of preparation.

 Let us now have a look at the individual sections and how you can prepare them for UGAT BBA Exam 2022

AIMA UGAT BBA Exam 2022 Pattern

The exam consists of a total of 130 questions which are spread over four sections. The candidate must attempt the paper in 120 minutes (2 hours). There is no section time limit fixed for each section. Below is the table which represents the exam pattern of AIMA UGAT BBA 2022.

Section Name

Total Qs



English Language



120 minutes

Numerical and Data Analysis



Reasoning and General Intelligence



General Knowledge






Marking Scheme for AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 Exam: Before moving towards AIMA UGAT BBA preparation tips, candidates must know about the marking scheme:

  • For every correct answer, +1 marks will be allotted.
  • Negative marking – There is no negative marking assigned for the wrong answers.

 Mode of the exam: The AIMA UGAT BBA 2022 Exam will be conducted in both Internet-Based Test (IBT)and Pen and paper-based test (PBT) mode.

Additional Suggestions for AIMA UGAT BBA Exam 2022 Preparation

Preparing for AIMA UGAT BBA Exam 2022 is not an easy task for candidates. Above mentioned information will surely help you in preparing for AIMA UGAT BBA Exam.

  • Revise the previous year's paper of AIMA UGAT BBA as much as you can, this will give you an exact idea of the paper pattern and the level of questions.
  • Solve Daily Quizzes and Mock tests as much as possible. Also, evaluate your mock test score on the basis of the AIMA UGAT BBA Exam pattern.
  • Pay attention to time during solving questions.
  • By rigorous practice, one can solve the question paper quickly and with complete accuracy.
  • Prepare all topics thoroughly.
  • Candidates must have clarity on the exam pattern.
  • Always refer to reference books.
  • Make a proper schedule to solve a set of questions daily. Solve at least one or two sample papers of the AIMA UGAT BBA Exam as per AIMA UGAT time.