Do’s and Don’t for UGAT 2022 – Exam Day Guidelines for UGAT

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Candidates studying for the exam should be aware of the UGAT 2022 dos and donts. This UGAT study guide will help you pass the exam. The UGAT Exam will be held on June 25, 2022. The exam will be administered in both an Internet-based and a paper-based format, with multiple-choice questions. While good exam preparation is essential, understanding UGAT dos and donts during the preparation phase and on the exam day is as important. For all of the students who will be taking the exam, the game clock has already begun. It’s natural to feel under pressure, but you also need to be confident. With only a few days till the exam, our BYJU’S Exam Prep experts will provide you with some UGAT dos and donts that will certainly help you in UGAT Preparation and performing at your best.

Every year, the AIMA administers the Undergraduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) to screen candidates for a variety of undergraduate programs, including the Integrated MBA (IMBA), BBA, BCA, BHM, B.Com, and others. The UGAT e-bulletin is published for candidate information, along with profiles of universities, institutions, and colleges that accept UGAT scores. It allows a large number of potential students to see the institutes. Candidates can choose from any of the five universities, colleges, and institutions that are participating. UGAT 2022 examination is in the offing in no time. Now isn’t the right time at all to make mistakes in any way. It’s finally the time to do the exact right things in the right way. Let us have a look at some essential UGAT dos and donts that you must take seriously to ace the UGAT 2022 exam.

Dos for the UGAT 2022 Exam

  • Know the UGAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus: If you are unfamiliar with the UGAT exam pattern and syllabus, it will be difficult for you to begin studying for the UGAT exam 2022. Determine the importance of each topic’s marks and plan your technique appropriately. As a result, a candidate should be aware of the importance of each topic in terms of marks. You won’t be able to fully prepare for UGAT 2022 unless you are familiar with the required topics.
  • Practice Previous Year Paper: Practicing the UGAT Previous Year Paper can assist an aspirant to comprehend the pattern and level of questions answered in the UGAT exam the previous year. This practice will give you a good indication of how challenging the questions will be. As a result, you must solve previous years’ UGAT exams.
  • Making a Good Study Plan: An applicant should make a good study plan since it will assist them not only manage their time but also cover all of the topics in the UGAT syllabus. Make sure to give each segment enough time and keep to your timetable.
  • Examine Mock Tests: Take as many UGAT Mock Tests as you can. The more Mock test papers you complete, the better off you will be. Make careful to examine the UGAT mock test after you’ve completed it. In the next mock test, don’t make the same error. To succeed, you must make a persistent effort to examine and correct your errors. What are your areas for growth? Where do you require extra practice time? Regularly taking practice examinations will assist you in time management.
  • Practice on a regular basis: It is often claimed that practice makes perfect. It is critical to practice the questions on a daily basis in order to gain an advantage over the competitors in the test. Solve as many questions as you can from as many different sources as you can. Don’t lose sight of the importance of answering inquiries on a frequent basis.
  • Reading Habits: Improve your English, General Awareness, Legal Aptitude, and Reasoning sections by developing a reading habit.

Donts for the UGAT 2022 Exam

  • No personal items: Personal items are not allowed within the exam center, and candidates are strongly cautioned to not take any one of the following such as a Wristwatch, Bags, Wallets, any piece of jewelry, or Any electrical gadget, including cellphones, Bluetooth-enabled devices, Any type of stationery.
  • Stick to one question: The examiner may set several challenging questions so that you become perplexed when tackling the difficult question and waste time. As a result, it’s critical to avoid difficult questions, especially those that take a long time to answer. You may set a time limit for each question, and if you think the question will take longer than the time limit, go on to the next one.
  • Don’t overlook your areas of weakness: Once you understand your strengths and limitations, you’ll be able to concentrate more on your deficiencies and less on your strengths. You should be in a position to recognize your strong and weak points.
  • Do not attempt: the question if you are unsure of the answer – attempting the question if you are unsure of the answer may result in a worse grade.


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