Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator? 

By Raj Vimal|Updated : July 17th, 2022

A refrigerator or Fridge is a really popular appliance to keep food-related items cool and stored fresh for a long time. 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane is the most popular gas which is being used in modern refrigerators nowadays. It produces less harmful gases like Chlorophlorocarbon, Hydrochlorocarbon. The feature of this gas is that it cools surroundings easily and does not harm the ozone layer.

What is Refrigeration Gas?

As a known name, Refrigeration Gas or Refrigerants are being used in Refrigerators or Fridges to cool the eternal surroundings. Earlier, Ammonia and Sulfur dioxide gas were used in the early refrigerators, but they proved harmful to the environment and ozone layer due to leak issues. Later on, after several modifications, currently, we are using Tetrafluoroethane and etc. in modern fridges and refrigerators.

Gases used in Refrigeration

  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons
  • Hydro Fluro Carbons
  • hydrocarbons

Refrigerators are the most commonly used appliances in homes that are used to keep food safe and fresh for a long time. Low temperatures keep bacteria and other harmful germs away from the food.

How Long do Refrigeration Gases Last?

After refilling once, the refrigerant gases last up to 1 to 2 years. The cost of filling refrigerator gases is between 3 to 6 thousand rupees in India. However, life depends upon the condition it is kept in. Usually, the life cycle of modern refrigerators is up to 12 years after their manufacturing.


Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator?

Tetrafluoroethane or Norflurane is the most commonly used Refrigerator gas nowadays. Earlier, the manufacturers were using ammonia and other harmful gases. These gases badly affect the atmosphere and increase the heat in the environment, leading to harm to the Ozone layer. Apart from Tetrafluoroethane, there are several other gases being used that are less harmful.

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Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator FAQs

  • Norflurane gas is used as the refrigerant gas in fridges or Refrigerators. It is also known as the Tetrafluoroethane gas. It creates a cool atmosphere inside the fridges that keep food fresh and healthy for a long time.

  • When these gases leak into the atmosphere, they come into contact with sun rays and react chemically. Due to this, Hydro Chloro fluoro carbon, hydrocarbon, etc gases come into existence that harms the atmosphere.


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