What is Urban Local Government?

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : August 9th, 2022

Urban local government refers to small-scale Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) that govern and looks after the administrative concerns of a small city or town. The types of urban local bodies that provide amenities to cities and towns are as follows:

  • Municipal Corporations for bigger cities.
  • Municipalities for smaller cities.
  • Notified Area Committee.
  • Town Area Committee.
  • Cantonment Board for civilians living in cantonment zones.
  • Township.
  • Port Trusts.
  • Special Purpose Agencies.

Urban Local Government

Urban local governments operate on a local level and are elected by the people. Thus, representing a democratic setup at the grassroots level. Urban local governments are further divided into authorities such as the commissioner, the council, and standing committees.

Urban local governments act as self-governing local bodies that directly redress civilian problems. They may provide civic amenities that contribute to the growth of cities, and they may also help with the administrative aspect of the governance.

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FAQs on What is Urban Local Government

  • Urban local governments are government bodies that operate on a small scale level in cities, towns, and rural areas. These bodies look after the civic and administrative concerns of the mentioned areas.

  • Urban local governments can function in different cities and towns in different ways. Some of the types of ULBs are Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Notified Area Committee, Town Area Committee, Cantonment Board, Township, Port Trusts, and Special Purpose Agencies.

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