What is Full form of NIA?

By Ritika Pant|Updated : July 12th, 2022

NIA full form is National Investigation Agency. It is the central counter-terrorism agency operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The Parliament of India Act created the National Investigate Agency in 2008.

The National Investigation Agency is the only task force in India whose role is to counter terrorist attacks. The agency is authorized to deal with the investigation of terror-related crimes across Indian states without special permission. The agency possesses a specially written proclamation from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

NIA Stands for?

NIA is considered more powerful than the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as it is a fully federal agency imitating the functioning of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. National Investigation Agency is a full form of NIA. The agency is allowed to investigate the following offences:

  • Unlawful attacks against computers, networks, or cyber-terrorism
  • Human trafficking
  • Crimes under the Explosive Substances Act, 1908
  • Manufacture or sale of restricted arms
  • Offences related to fake bank notes or currency 

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  • NIA full form is the National Investigation Agency functioning under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The headquarters of NIA is situated in New Delhi, India, and tackles all sorts of terrorist activities all over the country.

  • NIA full form in Hindi is "राष्ट्रीय अन्वेषण अभिकरण" launched by the government of India to fight terrorism happening throughout the nation. It is an investigation authority with a special power to combat terror attacks.

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