What is a desert?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

A desert is a large, extremely dry land with sparse vegetation. It is one of Earth's major ecosystem types, supporting communities of unusual plants and animals. They are the driest places on Earth, with almost no rainfall. A desert must have less than 2.5 cm of precipitation per year. Depending on the temperatures, there can be hot deserts or cold deserts.

Features of Desert

  • People inhabit these lands wherever there is little water available for farming. The Thar Desert, called the Great Indian Desert, is an arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent that covers an area of 200,000 km2 and forms the natural border between India and Pakistan.
  • It is the 20th largest desert in the world and the 9th largest hot subtropical desert. Oases are also found in deserts where an underground river comes close enough for a plant to grow. The days are the warmest while the nights are the coldest.
  • Once the sun goes down, the desert changes and all animals come to nature and diligently hunt for food. People have different uses for deserts. The desert is popular for tourism and recreation.
  • Animal inhabitants include kangaroos, camels, vultures, etc. Prickly plants like cacti also grow in deserts.
  • People often visit to see the beautiful sand colors and rock formations. Many people like to visit the desert because it is a peaceful place to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and spend time in the open country.


What is a desert?

The desert is extremely dry and a large area of land with rare vegetation. It is the major ecosystem of the earth types, which supports communities of different animals and plants. The Sahara is the hottest in the world, and the Gobi Desert in Asia is the coldest.


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