What are the Main Features of the Indian Desert?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Main Features of the Indian Desert are that it is covered with sand dunes, and receives less than 150 mm of rainfall per year. The Indian desert has a dry climate, with streams visible during the rainy season. In general, the desert region of the landscape has a scorching environment and erratic rainfall of fewer than 25 centimeters per year.

Main Features of the Indian Desert

The Indian desert is situated between the Aravalli Mountains and the plains formed by the Sutlej rivers and the Indus, it is also known as the Thar Desert. The Main Features of the Indian Desert are as follows:

  • Indian desert is mainly composed of rocks and sand.
  • They are also known as the Thar desert, and the climate is very dry.
  • Spring season can be seen in some places even in the desert area.
  • Indian desert climate is dry and subtropical.
  • The temperature of this region ranges from almost freezing to 50 °C.
  • The climatic condition of the Indian desert is very harsh and it will be difficult for humans, flora, ad animals to survive as compared to other landscapes.
  • The Indian desert is one of the most populated desert regions in the world. Millet is the main crop in the Indian desert.

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