Write Five Examples of Actual and Potential Resources

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Examples of Actual and Potential Resources: Five examples of actual resources are petroleum, coal, soil, mines, and trees. On the other hand, five examples of potential resources are paper, uranium, mineral oil, solar energy, and high-speed wind. Based on the development and utilization of resources, they are classified into two groups- real resources, and potential resources.

Examples of Actual and Potential Resources

Actual resources are resources whose quantity is known. They are currently being used. Potential resources, on the other hand, are resources whose total quantity is unknown and are not currently being used.

  • Clothing, utensils, food grains, combs, a bottle of honey, books, and other items that can be used to meet a need are examples of actual resources.
  • Natural resources, man-made resources, and human resources are the three types of resources.

Coal, petroleum, mines, soil, and trees are examples of the actual resources whereas uranium, paper, mineral oil, solar energy, and high-speed wind are examples of potential resources.

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