What are the Examples of Reserve Resources?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Examples of Reserve Resources are Water in the dams, forests, minerals, fossil fuels, etc. These are the resources available to meet future demands. Human activities are thought to be a function of resources. It is because they convert the materials in our environment into resources that we can use.

Examples of Reserve Resources

Reserved resources are defined as resources that have been identified and are set aside for future use and generation. They are either being used slowly or will be used in the future. There are numerous reserve resources to be found under the sea, on Earth, and in other natural minerals.

Types of Reserve Resources

There are various types of resources based on the origin, exhaustibility, ownership, status of development, etc. The details on the different types of resources are given below:

  • Biotic Resources: They have life and are obtained from the biosphere, such as human beings, flora, and fauna, fisheries, livestock, etc.
  • Abiotic Resources: Things that are composed of non-living things, such as rock, metals, etc., are called abiotic resources.
  • Renewable Resources: The resources which can be reproduced or renewed by physical, chemical, or mechanical processes.
  • Non-Renewable Resources: The resources which occur after a very long geological time, like minerals and fossil fuels, are known as non-renewable resources.

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