What is the Relationship Between Resources and Technology?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Relationship Between Resources and Technology is that technology is the application of the most recent knowledge and skill for utilizing resources to meet our needs. The two factors that can convert an item into a resource are technology and time. Example: The technology used for generating hydroelectricity by using the flowing water makes water a vital resource.

Relationship Between Resources and Technology

As we all know, resources are limited on earth. Therefore, they should be used wisely and judiciously. Anything which has some value and is required to achieve some desired goal is referred to as a resource.

  • Natural resources can be transformed into resources with the help of technology.
  • Human beings are the most valuable resource on the planet’s surface.
  • Their ideas, knowledge, discoveries, and inventions are responsible for creating more valuable resources.
  • Each discovery or invention leads to a slew of others. The discovery of fire paved the way for the practice of cooking and other related processes.
  • Similarly, the discovery of the wheel led to the development of the Bullock cart and so on.
  • Technology is essential for the development of resources and the nurturing of the best resources.

What is a Resource?

Anything that can be used to fulfill a need is a resource. The essential resources available in our environment are water, electricity, vehicles, books, etc. The utility or usability of an item makes it a resource. An item that has some worth is considered a resource.

Some of them have economic value, while some do not. Some resources become valuable with time. There are various types of resources such as Natural resources, Human made resources, and conserving resources.

What is Technology?

The implementation of the latest knowledge, skills, methods, and processes in doing things is called Technology. It is a human-made resource. It is the development of learning that leads to the application of basic resources. Without new technology, future generations will fail to achieve the milestones required for our country to succeed.

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