Write a Note on Functions of the Government

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Functions of the Government are to ensure that all its citizens have enough to eat, to provide good health facilities to its citizens, etc. The political system that sets rules for a society a country or a community for administration and regulation is called a government. Government is the group of people who are in charge of running a political unit or organization.

Functions of Government

The government is a body that makes decisions and gets things done. It consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. The government is responsible for taking action on social issues, running postal and railway services, protecting the boundaries of the country, and establishing peaceful relations with other countries.

The important functions of government are illustrated below:

  • Ensuring that all of its residents have access to enough food.
  • To offer its residents top-notch medical facilities.
  • Coordinating relief efforts for those impacted by natural catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • The government also uses courts to settle conflicts.
  • Have control over the available resources.
  • Safeguarding a nation’s borders, etc.

A government is a structure in which elected officials can enact and execute laws. The fundamental duties of a government include exercising leadership, upholding law and order, rendering public services, and ensuring national security, economic security, and economic assistance.

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