Why was Herodotus Called the Father of History?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Herodotus was called the Father of History because he was the first historian to properly record the events that took place during that time. Herodotus, a Greek historian of antiquity, unfortunately, lacks a record of his own life. He was both a geographer and a historian. The ancient Roman orator Cicero bestowed upon him the title of Father of History.

Herodotus the Father of History

Herodotus famously called the Father of History is known for his systematic way of recording things in the past, which gave him this title and recognition.

  • He was a Greek historian and Geographer from the Greek city of Halicarnassus.
  • He was also famous for having written the ‘Histories,’ which was an elaborate account of the Greek-Persian wars in his own words.
  • The “Histories” provide all the specific details and descriptions of illustrious monarchs’ lives as well as the notable conflicts that took place at that time.
  • He also received some criticism from his fellow historians because of the way he wrote and presented the events.
  • He occasionally combined fables and myths but generally let the reader make their own interpretations of the facts. This approach was not liked by many of his fellow historians of the time.
  • He relied heavily on his own observations as well as the descriptions that he got from the locals.

His historical accounts of famous events earned him the honorable title of the Father of History.

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