Why did Nationalist Tensions Emerge in the Balkans?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Nationalist tensions emerged in the Balkans as the spread of romantic nationalism ideas led to the Ottoman Empire’s disintegration, which had previously ruled the area. The various Slavic ethnic groups in the Balkans began to push for independence. The rise of nationalism in Europe began with the Spring of Nations in 1848. Nationalism rose to prominence at the beginning of the nineteenth century and had a significant impact on European politics and thought.

Nationalist Tensions Emerge in the Balkans

The changes that occurred due to Nationalism ultimately resulted in the rise of the nation-state in place of the multiple-nation dynastic empires that dominated Europe. The Balkans were geographically diverse areas that provided crucial resources, including coal, lead, and zinc. The Ottoman Empire was vanquished in the first Balkan War that started in 1912, and the First World War broke out in 1914.

The following factors contribute to the rise of nationalist tensions in the Balkans.

  • Modern-day Balkans is a region of geographic and ethnic diversity, including Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro which were formerly referred to as Slavic nations.
  • A sizable portion of it was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. They were eventually divided and given independent status.
  • Due to the rise of romantic nationalism and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans became highly volatile.


Why did Nationalist Tensions Emerge in the Balkans?

Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, which had previously ruled the Balkans, nationalist tensions there arose as a result of the propagation of nationalist ideas. Balkan Slavic communities sought to rule independently.

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