Why are People Considered a Resource?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

People are considered a resource because they add value to any natural resource, making human resources the most vital. Although nature primarily offers us various natural resources such as bounty, people find uses for them and make them beneficial. After all, without people and their intervention, none of the resources can be utilized.

People Considered a Resource

Humans are considered the most significant resource because they add value to any resource through their intervention. When nature offers bounty, it is the people who make it worthwhile. They find uses for all the natural resources and put in human effort. Hence, we can say human beings or human resource is the driver of human civilization.

To better understand humans as a resource, we must divide the economic activity into three categories. The primary economic activities that are connected to horticulture, poultry farming, fishing, quarrying, mining, and animal husbandry are included in the first group. Natural resources can be extracted with little difficulty and without modification or alteration.

  • Secondary activities make up the second category of economic activities. Although the secondary activities include natural resources, they need to be changed.
  • Industries based on agriculture or those that produce a variety of commodities from raw materials are examples of secondary activities.
  • The tertiary sector of the economy is its foundation.
  • These include banking, transportation, and other services that don’t produce anything but are still vital to the economy.


Why are People Considered a Resource?

The reason why people are considered a resource is that it is humans who create or add value to any natural resource. Simply put, they find uses for all resources and add effort to utilize them to the fullest. Moreover, when working in an organization, humans are the most crucial resource that makes things happen and drives the organization toward success. Hence, not only are humans a resource, but perhaps they are one of the most vital resources on earth.

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