What is the Role of Seed Industry in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The role of the seed industry in India is to participate in the growth of agriculture, providing access to high-quality seeds and planting materials for the farmers in India. The largest issue facing Indian agriculture is to replace the irregular growth that has characterized the decade with sustainable agricultural growth. Due to the consequences of climate change, increased crop productivity is necessary to promote agricultural expansion, decrease poverty, and boost yield stability during extreme weather conditions (CC).

Role of Seed Industry in India

To achieve the desired growth, the development, deployment, and dissemination of climate-resilient, efficient, resource-efficient, and high-yielding varieties (HYVs) are necessary, as the genetic gain obtained through plant breeding can only be translated into higher productivity.

  • The rates of seed and variety replacement are still low, and as a result, the capital made in creating new varieties is ultimately wasted due to their subpar adoption and distribution.
  • Large gaps are left because the majority of marginal and small farmers (M&SF) are unable to access high-quality seeds.
  • The creation and expansion of traditional crop varieties with a focus on the regional significance and unique adaptation should be prioritized.
  • Because they are typically farmed with low inputs, high-volume, low-value crops have more seed issues that need to be solved.

The Indian seed industry is crucial to the development of the agricultural sector since it provides farmers with robust research, access to high-quality seeds and planting supplies, etc.


What is the Role of Seed Industry in India?

The development of Indian agriculture and farmers’ access to high-quality seeds and planting supplies are two goals of the country’s seed industry. Increased crop productivity is required due to the effects of climate change in order to encourage agricultural growth, reduce poverty, etc.

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