Define the Input Unit, Output Unit and the Processing Unit

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Input Unit, Output Unit, and Processing Unit are all different parts of the computer. The input unit refers to the data that is received by the computer, whereas the output unit refers to the data received by the user. A processing unit is responsible for handling all the instructions and data received by the computer.

Definition of Input Unit, Output Unit and Processing Unit

In order for a computer to function well, it requires different types of units which perform different functions. These computer functions are defined as an input unit, output unit, and processing unit.

Input Unit

The input unit of a computer refers to the input device, which is the hardware used to receive data from humans. Input devices convert data by humans into a form that is understandable by computers. Examples of input units are a mouse, joystick, keyboard, scanner, etc.

Output Unit

Output unit refers to the output devices that are used to communicate data from computers to users. These include hardware that transmits data from computers in a form that is understandable by humans. Examples of output units are microphones, monitors, printers, headphones, etc.

Processing Unit

The processing Unit is also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which handles all the instructions received by the computer and processes them to produce the desired results. The processing unit performs logical, arithmetical, and input & output functions.

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