Who is Vishnu Gupta?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Vishnu Gupta was one of the lesser-known Gupta dynasty kings and is widely regarded as the last recognized emperor of the Gupta Empire. The Gupta Empire contributed to the political union of the subcontinent.

He is typically regarded as the Gupta Empire’s last recognized emperor. His reign lasted from 540 to 550 CE or ten years. Vishnugupta was the grandson of Narasimhagupta and the son of Kumaragupta III.

Vishnu Gupta of the Gupta Empire

His reign comprised ten years from 540 to 550 CE. He was the son of Kumaragupta III and the grandson of Narasimhagupta, according to a piece of his clay sealing that was found at Nalanda during the excavations in 1927–1928.

  • It is believed that the Guptas were Kushana feudatories.
  • The Guptas’ first kingdom was comprised of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, with Prayag serving as its capital (U.P).
  • The Guptas established their dominance in the prosperous plains of Madhyadesha, also known as Anuganga (the middle Gangetic basin), Saketa (U.P. Ayodhya), Prayag (U.P.), and Magadha (mostly Bihar).
  • The Guptas took advantage of the iron ore wealth in central India and south Bihar as well as their proximity to areas in north India that traded silk with the Byzantine empire (eastern Roman empire).
  • The Gupta era in ancient India is referred to as the “Golden Age” due to the outstanding achievements made in the arts, literature, science, and technology during that time.


Who is Vishnu Gupta?

Vishnu Gupta Candraditya was the last acknowledged ruler of the Gupta Empire. He was the Gupta dynasty’s fourteenth emperor. From 540 to 550 CE, or ten years, Vishnugupta ruled. He was Kumaragupta III’s forerunner.

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