Which Country is Known as the Land of Midnight Sun?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. This is because it frequently witnesses the natural phenomenon known as the midnight sun. After all, few areas of the country experience sunshine throughout the day during late May and July. It is located on the northernmost point of Europe.

A small portion of Norway lies on the northern side of the Arctic Circle, where it enjoys summers with the midnight sun. For a few days, the sun rises in these locations at midnight. Places closest to the pole experience the greatest number of days with the midnight sun.

Land of Midnight Sun

Norway is a nation known for its natural beauty and stunning scenery. Norway is known as the “country of the midnight sun” and is one of the few places on Earth where sunset and dawn occur simultaneously without a moment of darkness in between.

The midnight sun is only visible near the Arctic during specific periods of the year. The best spot to see this unsettling yet captivating sight is in Norway. The midnight sun has been visible near the Arctic Pole for six consecutive months without a break. The duration of the midnight sun is shorter the further south you go; in Northern Norway, it is visible from late April to early August.

  • The power of the midnight sun also starts to wane as you leave the Arctic.
  • The midnight sun will be as brilliant at the pole as it would be at midday.
  • Norway experiences diffused sunshine more akin to the early evening before gradually lighting up again the next day.
  • As a result, even if there is no difference between one day and the next and it is still light outside, the brightness has changed.


Which Country is Known as the Land of Midnight Sun?

The Land of Midnight Sun is called Norway. The country is given this title due to the fascinating natural phenomenon that can be witnessed there. Apart from Norway, the midnight sun is seen in Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, and Russia. A small area of Norway is located on the northern edge of the Arctic Circle, where it experiences midnight sun summers. For a few days, the sun rises at midnight in these regions.

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