Who has the Right to Create a New All India Service?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Parliament of India has the right to create a new all India service. Provisions regarding All India Services are mentioned in Article 312 of the Indian Constitution. It states that the Indian Parliament has the authority to establish one or more All India Services that are shared by the States and the Union.

Right to Create a New All India Service

The Parliament of India can create all India Services including All India Judicial Service if the Rajya Sabha passes a resolution. The resolution can be passed in the Rajya Sabha if it is supported by two-thirds of the members involved in the voting procedure.

  • As previously mentioned, if the Rajya Sabha adopts a resolution demonstrating that it is crucial in the interest of the Nation, the Parliament may establish the All India Service and All India Judicial Service.
  • The ability to establish a new All India Service is crucial to safeguarding state interests in order to create All Inda Services in Rajya Sabha, the Parliament.

Three services make up the All India Services (AIS): the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and Indian Forest Service. The All India Services have a special quality in that their members are chosen by the center (the Union government in a federal polity), but their services are placed under different State cadres, and they have the option of serving both the State and the center.

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