Who formed the Justice Party in 1916?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Dr. C. Natesa Mudaliar in 1916 P. Thiagaraya Chetty, T. M. Nair, and Alamelu Mangai Thayramal formed the Justice Party. The founding of the Justice Party was a turning point as it is considered the beginning of the Dravidian movement as a result of many years of work to create a group representing non-Brahmins in Madras. It was a crucial turning point since it was the product of years of effort to establish a body that would represent non-Brahmins in Madras.

Formation of Justice Party in India

In the Madras Presidency of British India, a political party known as the Justice Party, officially known as the South Indian Liberal Federation was active. It is believed that the Dravidian Movement began with the founding of the Justice Party, the result of numerous attempts to find a group to represent non-Brahmins in Madras.

  • It was developed on November 20, 1916, by Dr. C. Natesa Mudaliar with assistance from P. Theagaraya Chetty, T. M. Nair, and Alamelu Mangai Thayarammal in Madras’ Victoria Public Hall.
  • It was the result of numerous gatherings and conversations in the presidency that weren’t among the Brahmans.
  • Caste prejudices and the disproportionate representation of Brahmins in government positions were the fundamental causes of the communal conflicts between Brahmins and non-Brahmins that first surfaced in the presidency in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.


Who formed the Justice Party in 1916?

Dr. C. Natesa Mudaliar established the Justice Party on 20 November 1916, with the aid of T. M. Nair, P. Theagaraya Chetty, and Alamelu Mangai Thayarammal. The Dravidian Movement is credited with beginning with the formation of the Justice Party.

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