Which State of India has the Largest Geographical Area?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Rajasthan has the Largest Geographical Area in India. It covers 342,239 KM area, followed by Madhya Pradesh (308,245 KM) and Maharashtra (307,713 KM). Rajasthan was established on 1 November 1956 and has a population of 6.85 cr as per the 2011 census. The state has 33 districts and 25 Lok Sabha seats. Goa is the smallest state in India, with a geographical area of 3702 km. Whereas Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar are the most populous states in India.

State With Largest Geographical Area

The Indian state with the largest geographical area in Rajasthan. It was once ruled by the Rajputana dynasty and was a part of the Indus Valley Civilization, which dates back to around 5000 BCE. Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination in India and attracts millions of tourists every year. It is known for its beautiful palaces, forts, and monuments, including the famous Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, and City Palace.

Apart from being the largest state in India, Rajasthan can also boast of its vibrant culture and rich history. It has been the state of Kings and Queens since time immemorial and still holds its regal lifestyle with many palaces and forts.

List of Indian State with the Largest Geographical Areas

The state that tops the list of the largest Indian state is Rajasthan, with an area of 342,239 square km. It is then followed by Madhya Pradesh and then Maharashtra. Here are the top 10 largest states of India in terms of area:

State Area
Rajasthan 342,239 square km.
Madhya Pradesh 308,252 square km.
Maharashtra 307,713 square km
Uttar Pradesh 236,286 square km
Gujarat 196,244 square km
Karnataka 191,791 square km
Andhra Pradesh 191,791 square km
Odisha 155,707 square km
Tamil Nadu 130,058 square km


Which State of India has the Largest Geographical Area?

Rajasthan is the State of India that has the Largest Geographical Area. It covers 10.4 percent of the total country’s area i.e. covering about 42,239 KM of the state. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur which is also known as the ‘Pink City of India’. Major crops grown here are barley, millet, jawar, fenugreek, etc. The state is rich in cultural and historical heritage, with multiple palaces and forts that people visit from all over the world.

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