Which is India’s First Double Decker Train?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The First Double Decker Train in India is Surat Mumbai Central Double Decker Express. From Surat to Mumbai Central, it runs as train number 12922, and from Mumbai Central to Surat, it runs as train number 12921. the Ranee Express, a flying train. Double-decker cars were added to the Flying Ranee’s rake on 18 December 1979.

First Double Decker Train of India

The Flying Ranee was a fast express train that traveled between Mumbai Central (MMCT) and Surat (ST) in India. The train was named “Flying” because of its speed and comfort, which was considered quite luxurious at that time.

The Flying Ranee is a well-known train that first ran through India before independence. The first year this iconic train ran was 1906. On April 24, 1914, it was, however, abandoned. On May 1, 1937, the Flying Ranee resumed airing as a weekend special. It ran from 1937 to 1939 before being canceled as a result of World War II.

  • It had been stopped and restarted numerous times since.
  • On 1 November 1950, it finally started up again, and it has been operating ever since.
  • In December 1979, Double-decker cars were added to the Flying Ranee’s rake.
  • The train ran for several decades and remains an important part of India’s railway history to date.


Which is India’s first Double Decker Train?

India’s first Double Decker Train was the Surat Mumbai Central Double Decker Express, also called the Flying Ranee or the Ranee Express. The train was a symbol of modernization in the Indian Railways. It stopped running after a few decades and was replaced by some newer trains. Double Decker trains are still pretty rare and there are only a few of these trains that are operating even today.

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