Which State is the Largest Producer of Wheat and Rice in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Largest Producers of Wheat and Rice in India are Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, respectively. The state of UP is one of the biggest producers of food grains in the entire nation. In addition, India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice in the world and is popular for its high protein content.

Largest Producer State of Wheat and Rice in India

Uttar Pradesh produces about 3 lakh tonnes of wheat. This is possible because it has the most suitable mineral soil for growing this cereal crop. On the other hand, West Bengal grows 15.75 million tonnes of rice due to its fertile land and suitable irrigation facilities.

While West Bengal is the largest producer of rice, which needs hot weather and a lot of water to grow, Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat, which needs a warm climate for seed germination and a cold climate to grow.

Largest Wheat and Rice Producer

To understand complete details about India’s largest wheat and rice producer, go through the table below:

Factors Wheat Rice
Type of crop Rabi crop Kharif Crops
Temperature 10-15°C Requires good rainfall
Largest producer Uttar Pradesh West Bengal

Wheat is an extremely necessary food grain for the northwestern part of India. Meanwhile, the consumption of rice is also high in various parts of the country. Hence, India is proud of the two states that contribute majorly to the production of wheat and rice.

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