The Chemical Formula of Plaster of Paris is?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Chemical Formula of Plaster of Paris is CaSO4.½ H2O. It is white in color and is used in molding substances. The Plaster of Paris is formed by heating the Gypsum at high temperatures. Sodium chloride can catalyze the exothermic process of setting. The gypsum is heated at a temperature ranging from 373-393 K. The chemical reaction leads to the formation of Gypsum.

CaSO4.2H2O + heat—-> CaSO4.0.5H2O + 1.5H2O

Chemical Formula of Plaster of Paris

The Plaster of Paris caters to numerous needs, and various purposes are solved. The uses of Plaster of Paris range from architecture, molding, and sculpting to medical purposes. The gypsum deposits were initially discovered close to Paris, the French capital.

Calcium sulphate dihydrate, often known as gypsum, is heated to 120–180 °C (248–356 °F) to make Plaster of Paris. It is a great material for casting molds because the Plaster of Paris often does not shrink or break as it dries.

Uses of Plaster of Paris

Following are some of the uses of Plaster of Paris (POP).

  • It is utilized in construction as a shielding covering for walls and ceilings.
  • For decorative features, it serves as a molding & vesting agent.
  • It is also used to give construction materials a beautiful finishing touch.
  • In orthopedics, it is used as plaster, and dentists use it as a filling material, among other uses.


The Chemical Formula of Plaster of Paris is?

CaSO4.½ H2O is the Chemical Formula of Plaster of Paris. It is used for numerous purposes, such as architecture, decoration, medical purposes, etc. It frequently serves as a foundation and holding mechanism for decorative plasterwork on cornices and ceilings. The reaction leading to the Plaster of Paris formation is CaSO4.2H2O + heat—-> CaSO4.0.5H2O + 1.5H2O.

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