Which of the Following is a Waterborne Disease? (A) Malaria (B) Cholera (C) Tuberculosis (D) Both A and B

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Cholera is a Waterborne Disease. Water-borne infections are those that spread through contaminated water. If left untreated, the acute diarrheal illness cholera can be lethal. Public health is at risk on a worldwide scale. Due to poor sanitation and hygiene, it is an epidemic in many nations and must be treated as a serious threat.

Waterborne Disease

The bacterium Vibrio cholera is what causes cholera. This bacteria is typically discovered in food or water that has been tainted by an infected person’s feces. The most likely scenario for this to occur is when drinking water and sewage water mix. Drinking boiled water helps to ward off this virus.

Most cholera cases that result in symptoms cause mild to moderate diarrhea, which is frequently difficult to distinguish from diarrhea brought on by other conditions. Others may even experience more severe cholera symptoms, typically within a few days after getting infected. Some more waterborne diseases are as follows – Anaemia, Ascariasis, Diarrhoea, Dengue, and Arsenicosis.

Causes of Waterborne Disease

Now, let’s take a look at some of the common causes of cholera in everyday life:

  • Contaminated Water: The primary cause of cholera is drinking or using water that is contaminated with Vibrio cholera bacteria.
  • Poor Sanitation: Cholera is often linked to poor sanitation practices, such as open defecation, which can lead to the contamination of water sources with fecal matter.
  • Poor Personal Hygiene: Poor personal hygiene practices such as not washing hands before eating can contribute to the spread of cholera.
  • Environmental Factors: Environmental factors such as heavy rainfall or flooding can lead to the contamination of water sources, making it easier for Vibrio cholera to spread.


Which of the following is a Waterborne Disease? (A) Malaria (B) Cholera (C) Tuberculosis (D) Both A and B

The Waterborne Disease is Cholera. This is because Cholera is brought on by the bacteria Vibrio cholera. This bacteria is frequently found in food or water that has come into contact with an infected person. Furthermore, Tuberculosis and the common cold are mainly airborne illnesses that occur when the virus travels through the air. Children are more likely to contract these illnesses.

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