Which One of the Following is Not a Member of the Quad Group of Nations? (A) France (B) USA (C) Australia (D) Japan

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Quad does not include France. Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is not an alliance. Still, it involves a group of a few countries like Japan, India, Australia, and the United States, which come together to boost a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific area. It is also called QSD or Asian NATO.

Countries not under Quad

Japan, India, Australia, and the United States make up the Quad. It is a collection of nations, not an alliance, that want to improve the Indo-Pacific region’s rules-based order. The US, Japan, Australia, and India maintain an informal strategic forum known as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue through semi-regular summit meetings, intelligence sharing, and joint military exercises.

Shinzo Abe, a former Japanese prime minister, is credited with coming up with the concept for the QUAD Group in 2007. However, its beginnings may be traced to the 2004 Tsunami, when Japan, the US, and Australia joined India in relief and rescue efforts for itself and its neighbours.

Malabar,‘ a combined military exercise including the US, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and India, was held concurrently with the action and was unparalleled in scope. However, the first formal discussions under the QUAD didn’t happen until 2017 and were held in Manila, Philippines.

China sent official diplomatic complaints to the Quad members. Due to political pressure from the Chinese government and in the aftermath of the escalating confrontation between the US and China in the Asia-Pacific area, Australia withdrew from the conference. Australia and China are two countries not under the Quad.


Which Country is Not a Part of the Quad Group of Nations?

Out of the given options, France is not included in the QUAD group of nations. It was formed by Shinzo Abe, a Japanese Prime Minister, with the support of Australian, India’s Prime minister, and the US Vice President in 2007. The primary objective of the Quad is to work for a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. The beginning of this group can even be traced back to the 2004 Tsunami.

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