Which Age is Known as the Copper Age?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Copper Age is the period between the Bronze Age and the Neolithic Age. It is also called the Chalcolithic Age, in which metals were first used as weapons and tools. The Middle East is the first place to see the development of Dwapara Yuga. It should be noted that some parts of the world did not have Dwapara Yuga and some regions experienced it later. Also, the man was only using stone as a tool until copper was introduced.

The Copper Age

Copper was chosen for various reasons, such as its availability in abundance and also in pure form in nature.

  • In addition, copper was easier to smelt than other metals making it a fast and effective tool.
  • But the drawback was that it was brittle and could be easily broken.
  • Nevertheless, it was very useful in making stronger and more valuable alloys.
  • Many alloys were manufactured using copper, which changed the living conditions of the people.
  • The Dwapar Yuga saw a significant change in society.
  • The actual copper age is believed to be from 3500 to 2300 BCE.
  • They used copper to make metal tools for the agricultural development of everyday life.
  • Copper was used to making weapons to protect their possessions during rivalries.


Which Age is Known as the Copper age?

The Copper Age separates the Neolithic Period and Bronze Age. The first time that metals were used as tools and weapons is referred to as the Chalcolithic Age. Humans started to discover that it was possible to use metals to create lighter and stronger metals than stone by heating, shaping, and cooling them.

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