Who were Called the November Criminals?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The November Criminals were the ones who supported the Weimar Republic. The Treaty of Versailles was primarily credited to socialists, Catholics, and democratic parties. The Weimar Republic ratified and signed the Versailles Treaty with the Allies. Because they were easy to criticize in the conservative nationalist groups, they were chosen as targets.

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November Criminals

The November Criminals were the German politicians who negotiated and signed the Treaty of Versailles in November 1918, effectively ending World War I. Because they believed the German army had the strength to fight on, that surrendering was treason, and that the British military had not been defeated on the battlefield. Hence, the German political opponents dubbed them the November Criminals.

  • Numerous November Criminals were early resistance leaders and participants in the 1918-1919 German Revolution.
  • A few of them went on to lead the Weimar Republic, which served as the foundation for Germany’s reconstruction after World War II.
  • From 1918 to 1933, Germany was governed by the Weimar Republic, also known as the German Reich (Deutsches Reich), the first constitutional federal republic in history.
  • It was also known as the German Republic and unofficially declared itself to be so (Deutsche Republik).
  • The city of Weimar, which conducted the constituent assembly that founded the state’s government, is where the state’s informal name originates.
  • The state was typically referred to in English as “Germany,” with the title “Weimar Republic” (which Adolf Hitler coined in 1929) not becoming widely used until the 1930s.
  • Germany, which had suffered greatly during the First World War (1914–1918), was worn out and made a desperate request for peace.
  • The Weimar Republic was declared on November 9 after the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II, a formal resignation to the Allies, and the realization of impending defeat.

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