Where is One Horned Rhinoceros found?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

One Horned Rhinoceros is found in the state of Assam and West Bengal, which is under the Indian Subcontinent. They are also known as the Indian Rhinoceros. They are considered the Largest Rhinoceros Species. Assam’s Kaziranga National Park has almost 90% of the Indian Rhinoceros population. There are a total of 2,640 Rhinos in Assam’s 4 National Parks.

One Horned Rhinoceros is Found in?

The biggest rhino species is the giant one-horned rhinoceros, sometimes called the Indian rhino. India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Nepal are all frequent locations for them. They are only found in Assam in India. They are particularly well-known in Kaziranga National Park. When hunted and killed for amusement or as agricultural pests, they lost most of their former range in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.

  • By the 20th century, just 200 one-horned rhinos survived.
  • One of the biggest achievements in the conservation of animals in Asia has been saving them from extinction.
  • Currently, Terai, Nepal, and the northeastern area of India are home to roughly 3700 rhinos.
  • Of course, their single black horn, which is between 5 and 25 inches long, makes them unique.
  • The horn looks armour-plated because of its skin folds and greyish-brown hide.

The elimination of alluvial plain grasses led to a drastic decline in one-horned rhinoceros in numbers. Because of the expanding human population and the need to meet their needs, this issue is still a problem.

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