What were Ring Wells used for?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Ring wells were used for drainage and garbage dumping purposes. Sometimes these also served as toilets. Ring wells are made by stacking rows of ceramic rings or utensils one on top of the other. These are usually found in the houses of individuals. This composition belongs to the Maurya Empire.

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Use of Ring Wells

As the name suggests, ring wells were pots or piles of rings, mostly made of ceramic and terracotta. Their construction dates back to the Maurya Empire, where they were used for drainage and dumping of waste.

The Tamil Nadu State Archaeological Agency has discovered the upper part of another Ring Well at Agaram in the Keeladi Cluster of the Sivaganga district. The most interesting remains of the ancient civilization that flourished on the banks of Vaigai are the Ring Wells.

  • Its origin is not known, but it is believed to have been discovered by Octavius Maximus, the last of the Calean emperors.
  • He chose to use the Ring well as a hiding place for his vast collection of powerful artifacts and lore after realizing the fall of the Kelion Empire.

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