What was the Anti-Partition Movement?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Anti-Partition Movement was founded on August 7 1905 to oppose the partition of Bengal. According to the leaders of the protest movement, Bengal was to observe a day of national mourning. It brought a large number of the Indian population, regardless of class or caste distinctions, into the mainstream of nationalist political activity.

Anti-Partition Movement (1905)

Lord Curzon desired to separate Bengal’s Hindu and Muslim populations by dividing the country. However, he knew that if he revealed the true causes, Hindus and Muslims would object. He separated Bengal since it was a large state that required division in order to facilitate administration.

  • On August 7, 1905, the anti-partition movement was established. There was a sizable anti-partition protest that day.
  • The division was finalized on October 16, 1905.
  • Bengal was first divided on a territorial basis.
  • Presidents were first installed by the British Raj authorities in 1905.
  • After being proclaimed on July 15, 1905, partition tended to divide the Hindu West from the Muslim East on October 16, 1905.
  • The aim was to harm the Bengalis’ contribution to India’s political activity in order to undercut the nationalist cause
  • To disintegrate the Hindu-Muslim neighborhood. Because of this discrimination, the Muslim community chose to support the British government.


What was the Anti Partition Movement?

On August 7, 1905, the anti-partition movement against the division of the Bengal state was launched. On October 16, 1905, the division began to separate the Muslim East from the Hindu West after being announced on July 15.

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