What is Secondary Sector?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Secondary Sector deals with the production, manufacturing, and processing of raw materials. All the raw materials received by the primary sector are processed in this area. Manufacturing and industrial operations come under the secondary sector. This area is divided into two categories namely small-scale industry and large-scale industry.

Secondary Sector Definition

We rely on the secondary sector for all manufacturing and industrial needs. Without this sector, the raw materials would not be processed into the finished product. Moreover, the secondary sector is also responsible for activities such as the construction of public buildings, utilities, etc.

All the consumer staples come from this sector. Examples of the secondary sector include the production of textiles, handicrafts, car manufacturing, etc.

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Types of Secondary Sector

The two categories of the secondary sector are:

  • Small-scale industry: Industries that do not require a large amount of capital investment in equipment, plants, etc. to operate.
  • Large-scale industry: Industries that require large-scale investment and produce high quantities of items are large-scale industries.

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