What is the Salary of the High Court Judges in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The salary of the High Court Judges in India is Rs. 2,25,000 whereas the salary of the Chief Justice of the High Court is Rs. 2,50,000. The President of India appoints judges in the High Court. Any judge assigned to the High Court must be approved by him alone. He can talk to the Governor of the State, the Acting Chief Justice of India, and the Chief Justice of the High Court of the State.

Salary of High Court Judges in India

Additionally, a High Court judge can be transferred to other High Courts. The Chief Justice of India will take the final decision. The purpose of transfers of judges is to guarantee a fair and fair trial for each case heard in court. The monthly salaries of judges, excluding their assistant allowance, are as follows-

  • Chief Justice of High Court – Rs 2,50,000
  • Other Judges of High Court – Rs 2,25,000

Qualifications for High Court Judge

To be appointed as a judge in any High court in India, a candidate must meet a set of requirements. The set of qualifications needed to select judges for the High Court is listed below:

  • The applicant needs to have held a bar license for more than five years.
  • He had to have worked as a public worker for more than 10 years and for at least three years at the Zila court.
  • He must have been an attorney for more than ten years and be a pleader in any High Court.
  • The volunteer cannot be more than 62 years old.


What is the Salary of the High Court Judges in India?

The Chief Justice of the High Court receives a salary of Rs. 2,50,000 and the other High Court Judges receive a salary of Rs. 2,25,000 in India (in addition to their sumptuary stipend).

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